Jerrick “Spectre” Vincent (Human Mystic)

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Jerrick Vincent

Jerrick “Spectre” Vincent (Human Mystic)

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:eye: :cheese: Player Name: Chris C.
Discord: Hull (Grievus)#9679
Link to Ledger: EP Ledger

Character Name: Jerrick Vincent
Race: Human
O.C.C.: Mystic
Alignment: Scrupulous
XP Level: 3
XP Points: 7,126 (AoNR 01OCT22)
Next Level @ XP: 8,251
Sentiments/Non-Humans: Treats all sentient beings with the utmost respect and courtesy until they prove undeserving of it. Has a high regard for life and personal freedom.
Sentiments/Coalition: He is sad about the CS. The character has seen soldiers defy or­ders to do the right thing, and recognizes the CS has done many good things for many humans. Its potential for good is tremendous, but believes Emperor Prosek and the government that serves him are evil. They are the ones responsible for the crimes the Coalition has commit­ted against others. Suspicious and caution about the CS.
Disposition: Nice guy, friendly, courteous and hospitable.

Hysterical Aggressiveness - His father is a horrendous misogynist and beat his mother and sister due to what he called insolence. He stood up to his dad once after watching his little sister get beaten. His dad, a powerful Ley Line Walker, taught him a lesson using his magic. It is why he hates his father and wants to be nothing like him. He refused to follow in his footsteps. It also lead to his commitment to physical conditioning. When he sees a man strike a woman he loses it and will concentrate everything he has to make them pay. I figure that would be interesting in this group. He doesn’t talk about it and it would probably cause tension for the female members because they are fully capable and don’t need saving or protecting. They probably won’t realize that it is pathological because he doesn’t talk about it.

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 13
M.A.: 13
P.S.: 15
P.P.: 13
P.E.: 25
P.B.: 12
Speed: 25 - Max Speed 16 mph (Can Run 4 Miles at this speed before Collapsing), Steady Pace Speed 8 mph (for 12 miles without fatigue)

P.P.E.: 64
I.S.P.: 51
H.P.: 40
S.D.C.: 50
  • Helm: 100
  • Arms: 75
  • Legs:90
  • Main Body: 140
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 150 lbs
Description: High cheekbones and raven black hair shows him to be of Native American Heritage an unknown number of generations back. Skin is very pale.

Natural Abilities
Perception: 46%
Charm/Impress: 10%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 25%
Max. Encumbrance: 45 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 140 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 280 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 7.5' Length, 3.75' height

  • The Psychic Sensitive is keenly aware of the world around him. thus. he or she feels or senses any major dis­ turbances nearby. One such disturbance is the presence of supernatural evil. All supernatural beings radiate their alignment, most are evil. The Mystic can feel that evil like an icy chill cutting through him and tastes their vile thoughts like vomit. The sensation is unmistakable, costs no I.S.P.. and is automatic, meaning the character does not have to open himself nor he actively trying to sense anything. The evil washes over the Mystic. warning him like an alarm that supernatural evil is present. Range: Senses any supernatural evil within a 340 foot radius, +20 feet per additional level of experience starting with level two. However. the sensation is very general. The location and nature of the evil is unknown. To identify the cause and pinpoint its source. the psychic must open himself and use the '"Sense Evil" psi-power. Along these same lines, the Mystic can sense when a person is possessed by a supernatural force. and can recognize magic enchantment. Base Abil­ity: 60% +5% per each additional level of experience.
  • The Mystic can open himself to the supernatural. with dramatic effects. The mage can be­ come a medium through which Entities and other forces can tempo­rarily communicate by speaking through him. The Mystic temporarily ( 1d6+ I minutes) becomes their vessel and cannot think or speak on his own, but others present can ask questions and the spirit may answer (truthfully or not). The Mystic barely remembers the incident when it's all done. The Mystic is also receptive to all forms of telepathic and empathic communication, including +10% to receive a Ley Line Transmission when in the "opened" state.

    An open state trance requires that the Mystic focus all of his thoughts and essence on becoming one with the supernatural energies. In this state, the mystic cannot speak or take any action. He simply sits motionless, like a statue. While in the trance, the character becomes completely invisible to all psionic probes (sort of a cosmic mind blank) and even becomes physically invisible to those around him as he seems to melt into the environment. One might think of this as a psychic Prowl or magic Chameleon, only the Mystic does not move. Success ratio for invisibility (unseen by all) is 60 +5% per each additional level of experience and is only seen if the person is actively looking for him. Even if detected, the character is +8 to save vs psionic attack and +4 to save versus magic attacks while in the trance state.

    In an open state, the character can continue to Sense Supernatural Evil as described previously, but now he can get a picture of what it is (lesser, greater, demonic lord, dark god, etc.) and approximately where it is (near, far, and general direction). The Mystic can also "feel" large fluxes of energy, magic power, P.P.E. (20 P.P.E. or more), the opening of dimensional portals, the arrival of Ancient Evil, the flow of ley line energy, a Ley Line Storm brewing, the presence of Entities and what types, and similar. If so desired, the Mystic who is open to supernatural evil can follow the energy and sensations of the evil and trace them to the creature's exact location, provided it is within range. However, the creature will also sense him and know where he is located! Range: 800 foot radius, + 100 feet per additional level of experi­ence starting with level two. No I.S.P. cost. Note: The character loses any chance for initiative and forfeits one attack/action per melee when in sensing mode. however, he is +8 to save vs psionic attack and pos­ session, +4 to save vs magic, and +3 on Perception Rolls involving the supernatural while in the trance state.
Major Psionic
  • Range: Self (although the image could pertain to people or places thousands of miles away | Duration: 6D6 melees | Base Skill: 58% +2% per level of experience.

    This allows the psychic to see or feel glimpses of the possible fu­ture. This is achieved through meditation or intense concentration in which the clairvoyant thinks about a particular person, event or place. Add +5% to the base skill if the person involved is a friend or loved one.

    Clairvoyance is unpredictable and can not be turned on and off like a lightbulb. Sometimes it works (if the roll is under the base skill) and sometimes it does not (when the roll is above the base skill). A failed roll means the psychic received no insight to the future.
    A clairvoyant trance can be attempted as often as twice every day. The message can be a sudden feeling that somebody is in need ('"...something's wrong. lt''s...Janet! I've got to see her!") or, more often, a sudden flash of insight, a sudden image that races through the mind. The image is like a brief snippet of film from a movie or a dream. Often all the details are not clear, but the potential danger is. For example, "The psychic character is in a trance or meditation, think­ ing about his/her friend Janet. Suddenly, the mind is flooded with an image of Janet rushing down a crowded street. It's dusky, like morning, twilight or evening. She seems very upset. The traffic light changes to amber. Janet races into the street, ignoring the light. It turns red. There's a car, squeal of tires, Janet screams. The image ends." ls Janet hurt? Killed? Unknown, but the danger is clear. There are also other hints of information: the time of day, Janet seeming upset, rushing, etc. The glimpse into the future could be twenty minutes, eight hours, 24 hours, or a week. The psychic has no way of knowing. Of course, he has the advantage of recognizing the potential danger as it begins to un­ fold and may be able to avoid it, stop it or change the outcome. The im­ age may last a few minutes or be a sudden flash lasting but a few seconds. The flash could be a peculiar noise, a face, or a specific image, like a particular door or object.

    It is important to note that sometimes a clairvoyant image will occur unintentionally, without the psychic trying to do so. These most often manifest themselves as dreams or nightmares during sleep. The clair­voyant dream is exactly like the image from a meditative trance de­ scribed previously. The precognitive flash of the future may also occur un-beckoned while awake, but this is extremely rare. These brief glimpses of the possible future happen because the clairvoyant is acutely attuned to his world. Anything that might hurt or change that world (including people and places) will often be foretold in a flash of insight.

    Game Masters: Be careful of revealing too much. Use the exam­ples provided as a guide. Remember, these are brief glimpses of the possible future. not a motion picture. The psychic can NOT engage in any actions, combat or otherwise, during a moment of clairvoyance or the image will instantly stop. It usually requires 2D4 melees of concen­tration or meditation before the image occurs. Remember, a failed base skill roll means absolutely nothing happens, but still burns up the 4 I.S.P. and time.
  • Range: Self | Duration: Six minutes +2 minutes per level of experience | Saving Throw: Standard.

    Using this power, a psychic can "feel" (not see) the presence of spir­its. The term ''spirit" includes Entities (including ghosts and possessing ones), invisible Astral Travelers/Astral Beings the splintered life es­sence of a god or Alien Intelligence, the mysterious Indian Spirits, a spirit or demon (or god) possessing a Familiar or Witch, and imprisoned souls and life essences in rune weapons and similar magical pris­ons.

    The psychic can ask the spirit questions by speaking aloud. although the creature often understands the question on an empathic or intuitive level. Only the psychic hears the answer (unless he's using a group trance) and the answer can be in words or powerful emotions (he sud­denly feels its hate, fear, anger, sorrow, etc., instead of a verbal re­sponse). It is important to note that the spirit is under no obligation to answer truthfully or to answer at all. An angry and uncooperative spirit may lie, pretend to be somebody else, lash out at the psychic with its own psi-abilities or cause mischief. Likewise, the psychic cannot "feel" or sense the creature's alignment, or magic energy, nor can he use any of his other psionic powers while he is in communion with the spirit. Furthermore, the spirit may break off communication at any time, al­though the psychic can still "feel" if it is within the immediate area (30 foot radius). The psychic can also break contact at any time, but when he does so, he can no longer tell if the spirit is still hanging about.
  • Range: Immediate area, touch or within 12 feet. | Duration: Instant, if successful. | Length of Trance: 30 minutes of preparation and 6D6 minutes with the possessed person or animal. Note: Can only exorcize the living | Expulsion Success: 42% (+7% per additional level of experience) | Send Back to Dimension Success: 35% (+7% per additional level of experience)

    The healer can perform a Rite of Exorcism that uses psychic energy to expel the loathsome being from its mortal, host body. A completely successful exorcism will free the victim of the supernatural force that controls him and send it back to its own non-earthly realm. A partially successful exorcism will drive the evil force out of the possessed per­son or animal, but does not send the damnable thing back to its own dimension. Thus, it can try to possess the psychic healer or flee to wander the Earth in search of a new victim. An exorcism can only be used on living people and animals whose bodies are inhabited by a supernatural entity or other type of invasive spirit, not symbiotes or psychic posses­sion.

    Roll to determine success for an exorcism at the end of the time pe­riod. First, roll to see if the being has been expelled from its victim's body.

    Second, roll to see if the thing is forced back into its own dimen­sion. A failed roll means the creature remains in our dimension, but it must leave the area and cannot possess the same individual for at least six months. Note: The chance of a successful exorcism on a Nega-Psychic is reduced by half, as is the success ratio for sending the being back to its own dimension. The same is true of some of the more powerful supernatural beings capable of possession. (See Rifts® World Book 12: Psyscape™ for info on the Nega-Psychic and other psychic player characters.)

    During the exorcism the possessing force can use whatever powers it may have, as well as physical attacks or any special psychic abilities of its host body. Fortunately, the Rite of Exorcism weakens the crea­ture, reducing its number of attacks per melee by half. It is wise to al­ways have one or more assistants to help defend against the being's attacks and actions. Sedating the physical host body will immobilize it, but will not prevent psychic attacks or the creature's use of its own natural powers (if any). Too many assistants or spectators can be a liability, for the creature may attempt to flee by possessing one of them. An exorcism can be attempted on the same individual as often as the healer desires.
  • Range: 135 feet | Duration: Until the danger passes or happens. Bonuses apply only to the first melee round of the attack from the source of the sensed danger. | Saving Throw: None.

    The Sixth Sense is a power that gives the psychic a precognitive flash of imminent danger to himself or somebody near him (within 90 feet). The character will not know what the danger is or where it will come from. nor who it will be directed at when in a group. All he knows is that something threatening will happen within the next 60 seconds (4 rounds). The Sixth Sense is triggered automatically, without the consent of the psychic. whenever his life is in great peril or the life of somebody he greatly cares about (friend, partner, loved one, etc.). The Sixth Sense is only triggered by an unexpected, life threatening event (a trap or ambush is within 90 feet or a flash flood is rush­ing his way) which is already set into motion and will happen any sec­ond. The power can not be called upon at will to sense for traps or ambush. Instead, it works like an automatic reflex. If the character has used all his I.S.P. the Sixth Sense is temporarily rendered inoperative.
    Bonuses: The sudden flash of insight provides the following bo­nuses. All bonuses apply onlv to the first initial melee (15 seconds) when the attack danger occurs. Bonuses are lost in subsequent melee rounds after the danger is revealed. +6 on initiative roll, +2 to parry, +3 to dodge: and the character can not be surprised by a sneak attack from behind.
  • Range: Self or others by touch | Duration: Three minutes (+1 minute per level of experience.)

    This power temporarily suppresses the chemical and psychological components of fear in the recipient. As a result, the character is unable to feel fear or is barely frightened even if intellectually he realizes he is in grave danger, or is facing a terrifying monster or situation. This en­ables the character to think rationally and take calm, calculated action, rather than respond with the typical "fight or flight" reactions of those who are scared. While this power is activated, the character automati­cally succeeds on any roll to resist Horror Factor, even if magically in­duced. This power can be used on the psychic himself or on one or two others.
  • Range: Self | Duration: 2D6+6 second flash of insight or vision of current events. | Saving Throw: Special.

    Other psychics can feel or sense when some­ body is trying to observe them and can try to resist it by concentrating (uses up one I.S.P.); standard save vs psionic attack (in this case, psionic intrusion). Failure means the psychic is seen via Remote Viewing. Success means the psychic trying to view is blocked, and he knows that the target has deliberately done so. Otherwise, the target of this power gets no impression from being viewed remotely and has no idea why he is being watched or by whom.

    To use this power, the psychic needs a photo or video image to fo­cus on, even if he knows the person or place intimately. When focused on a particular person, the psychic can see in his mind what the person is doing at that moment for 2D6+6 seconds. The image appears as if the character were looking down through a skylight. He sees only a glimpse of things and may not remember all details. Likewise, he may not see other people outside his line of vision, because the focus is a particular person, not the entire room. If the target is moving. walking, or driving, the remote viewer will know this and follow along for a few seconds, although he may not have a clear idea of his surroundings, but enough of an impression to recognize it if he sees it personally.

    The character may also Remote View a specific place such as a small to medium room, a corner in a playground or field, a specific en­trance to a building, a particular section of an alley, etc., but not an entire house, office building, stadium, street, etc. As before, he must have a photograph, video or frame of film to focus upon. For 2D6+6 sec­onds, the psychic will see whatever occurs in that small area of that particular place.
    In the alternative, the psychic can use Remote Viewing to catch glimpses/images that tell something about the subject of the viewing. In this instance, he must have 2-4 specific questions, such as, "is so and so alive ...'' Then the image of the character smiling as he walks through the area appears, or flashes of a brutal attack, blood, and a falling body (indicating death), and so on, appear for an instant in answer to his query. In either case, the psychic cannot look at the same person or place via Remote Viewing again for another 24 hours.
  • Range: Touch. | Duration: Varies; usually about 2D6 minutes | Saving Throw: None. | Impressions: 60% (+2% per level of experience) | Images: 52% (+2% per level) | Present: 42% +2% per level of experience

    Also known as Psychometry, this uncanny ability enables the psy­chic sensitive to receive impressions and images from an object regard­ing its use, history and last owner. This is done by holding the object and concentrating on a specific line of thought or opening up to general impressions (the latter is always more vague and random). Just as a psychic must open himself to sense evil or magic, he must open himself to the object. If successful, he will receive impressions and/or images revealing bits of information.

    Impressions include: General alignment of its last owner (good, selfish, evil), general emotional state of mind (angry, happy, sad, hate filled, confused, etc.), the object's general purpose (what it is used for), whether or not the last owner is living or dead, and whether the item has been used with/by magic or supernatural forces. Object Read will also conclusively indicate whether the item is currently enchanted or contains a supernatural force/entity (as well as its alignment and emo­tions). If the item is possessed, an Object Read makes the reader totally vulnerable to psychic attack (no bonuses to save).

    Images: The psychic can also see images of isolated events which have happened in the past. This will provide brief snippets of images and events that will offer glances of the previous owner and others close to him. Traumatic and emotion filled events/images are the easi­est to see. Impressions will accompany the images, adding to the story as it unfolds. Information includes: approximate age, height, weight, build, race, sex, sometimes occupation, hair color and length; special facial or body features such as a scar or tattoo or beard (very often the exact facial features are out of focus, blurred or obscured); the object's use/purpose; and some special event, usually very traumatic, important or happy. Often the event image will be fragmented as if it was a piece of movie film edited by a crazy man. The event will always be one in which the object was involved in some way.

    The success or failure of an Object Read: Roll percentile dice once for impressions and once for images. The roll must fall under the character's base skill ability to succeed. A roll higher than the base skill means a failure and the psychic feels and/or sees nothing. Impressions and images are two different things, so roll for each. The psychic may get no impressions, but see images or vice versa. The present can not be seen unless the psychic was successful on at least one of the previ­ous read impressions or images rolls. Once an object has been read it can not be read again by the same psychic, even if he did not see or feel a thing. Of course. the psychic can attempt to Object Read other items, but each attempt will cost 6 I.S.P.

    The present can also be glimpsed, but costs an additional 4 I.S.P., with no guarantee of success. Sometimes the psychic can focus in to see and feel the last owner as he or she is at that very moment. This will provide an idea of what is his current state of mind/emotion, ap­pearance, dress. general location (that is to say, a bedroom, office, street, outdoors. etc.; no address or sense of close or far is provided), general features (shaved his beard, dyed hair, etc.) and so on. The psy­chic may be able to identify a place or person by feature if he has seen it before or runs into him in the near future.
  • Range: Touch | Duration: Instant, with lasting effects. | Length of Trance: Two minutes (8 melee rounds).

    The Healing Touch is a remarkable healing ability that can instantly heal cuts, burns, bruises and similar physical wounds. The touch re­ stores 2D4 Hit Points or 2D6 S.D.C. The Healing Touch can only be used on other living creatures, never on the psychic himself.
  • Range: Touch or within 3 feet |
    Duration: Immediate knowledge | Length of Trance: 2D4 melees of meditation/focus | Saving Throw: None.

    The psychic healer can sense physical pain and damage, external and internal injury. disease and possession with absolute clarity. This pinpoint accuracy enables the character to suggest treatment or to con­duct psychic surgery.
  • Range: Touch | Duration: Varies with injury | Length of Trance: 2D6 minutes of preparatory meditation, plus the duration of the surgery (which is half the time of conventional modem medicine).

    Psychic Surgery is used to repair broken bones, and internal inju­ries. and for the removal of foreign objects (bullets, arrows, etc.) using only one's bare hands: no tools or instruments. Can also be used to heal a character who has suffered so much damage that he or she has lapsed into a coma (zero Hit Points or less). Psychic Surgery is the equivalent of '"professional hospital'' treatment. The recovery from a coma (near death) is equal to treatment from a hospital, 1-66%. Note that there is minimal bleeding and pain, and absolutely no scarring from Psychic Surgery (no pain if the Deaden Pain ability is used). Note: A Psychic Diagnosis must he made before surgery is possible.
Spell Strength 13
  • Range: Up to 60 feet away |
    Duration: 36 melee rounds +12 melee rounds per level of experience | Saving Throw: Standard.

    Magic levitation enables the invoker of the magic to raise himself, or other people. or an object, straight up into the air and suspend it there (hover). Movement is limited to straight up and down; no hori­zontal motion is possible. Weight is restricted to 240 lbs plus 20 lbs per level of experience. Unwilling victims of the magic get a saving throw; a successful save roll means the character is not af­fected by the levitation and remains planted firmly on the ground. Maximum height possible is 80 feet plus I0 feet per each level of experience. Targets can be affected up to 60 feet away.
  • Range: Self plus a 5 foot radius of the character. | Duration: 12 Minutes +4 per level of experience.
    | Saving Throw: None.

    This magic cloaks the spell caster in a field of darkness that follows him or her everywhere. The mage can see perfectly from within the darkness, but those outside the radius of magic cannot see in. At night, it renders the cloaked individual virtually invisible, although he can still be detected by infrared and/or heat sensors, thermo-imaging optics, motion detectors and similar sensor systems. Furthermore, the aura of darkness may noticeably obscure a particular part of the back­ ground/area around him, making it obvious to visual detection, espe­cially in daylight or when bathed in light - the magic darkness cannot be dispelled by ordinary light. Consequently, this cloaking spell is ideal in darkness for hiding, escape and setting up an ambush.
    In combat, opponents who attack a character cloaked in darkness from any distance (beyond the 5 feet area of magic) are -3 to strike, unless guided by thermo-optics or similar heat based optic sys­tems, and even then are -1 to strike. Those who step into the darkness for hand to hand combat will see their quarry without difficulty; no penalty unless they step outside the 5 foot ( 1 . 5 m) radius of effect
  • Range: 100ft | Duration: 24 melees +8 melees per level of experience | Saving Throw: Standard

    An enchantment that temporarily causes its victim to become confused and disoriented. Concentration and reactions are impaired. Those affected are — 2 to strike, parry and dodge; attacks per melee are reduced by one-half and all skills suffer a penalty of —20%. Each invocation affects only one person each time it is cast. A successful save vs magic means the intended victim suffers no impairment
  • Range: 20 feet diameter, up to 100 feet away.
    | Duration: 12 melee rounds (+4 melee rounds per level of experience) | Saving Throw: Special; save vs Horror Factor.

    The invocation creates a sensation of fear over a particular area (20 feet maximum area of affect). The spell caster can place the enchantment on an area occupied with people, or an area that is not pres­ently occupied. Anybody entering the area of enchantment must roll to save vs Horror Factor 16. A failed roll means the. character is suddenly washed with terror and will be momentarily stunned, loses initiative and one melee attack/action, is the last character to attack, and can not defend against an opponent's first strike each melee the individual is in the area of fear. Also see the "Horror Factor" explanation in the com­bat section of this book.
  • Range: 10ft radius; up to 60ft away.
    | Duration: Instant | Saving Throw: Standard

    This invocation creates a sudden burst of intense, white light, temporarily blinding everyone in its ten foot radius. Victims are blinded for one to four melees, a penalty of — 5 to strike, and — 10 to parry and dodge. The chance of falling is 50% every 10ft. The magic can be cast up to 60ft away. Saving throw is standard; those who successfully save vs magic are not blinded. Note: Does not affect bionic or cybernetic eyes.
  • Range: Near self or up to 30ft away. | Duration: 36 melees (+12 melees per level of experience) | Saving Throw: None

    A small globe or sphere of true daylight is magically created. The light is bright enough to light up a 12ft area per each level of its creator's experience. Because it is daylight, it can ward off most vampires, keeping them at bay just beyond the edge of light. The creator of the globe can mentally move it along with himself, or send it up to thirty feet ahead. The maximum speed at which the globe can travel is equal to a speed attribute of 12.
  • Range: 40 feet | Duration: Instant (counts only as one attack; fire lasts until it is put out) | Saving Throw: None.

    The spell causes spontaneous combustion, igniting any material that can burn. This means the mage could set a chair cushion, a jacket, pa­per, dry leaves, hair, etc., on fire. Note: Volatile substances that are contained in something, like gasoline in the gas tank of a car or a con­tainer, can NOT be ignited. Furthermore, the target to be set on fire must be clearly visible. Maximum area of affect is 3 feet. If somebody's clothes or hair are set on fire, they have two melee rounds (30 seconds) to get it off or put the fire out before damage is inflicted; no other combat or action is possible as all energy is used on dousing the flame. Damage from the small fire is 2D6 S.D.C. per melee round (beginning after the first 2 melees)
  • Range: 20ft (6.1m) area, up to 80ft away | Duration: 12 melees (+ 4 melees per level of experience) | Saving Throw: None

    The mage can instantly put out up to a 20ft area of fire 80ft away A total of 40ft can be extinguished every 1 melee.
  • Range: 110ft (+5 ft per level of experience) | Duration: Instant | Damage: 4D6 M.D.C. |
    Saving Throw: Dodge

    Like the energy bolt, the mage can create and direct a bolt of fire. Bonus to strike is +4. Damage is normally 4D6 M.D.C., or 1D6 x 10 S.D.C. (the mage can adjust the damage).
  • Range: 50 feet | Durationu: Instant |
    Damage: 3D6 M.D. | Saving Throw: Dodge.

    Fireblast is a simple offensive spell in which the mage shoots Mega-Damage flames from his or her hands. The blast is only one foot wide, but extends for the full 50 feet. Everything in its path will take damage unless those in its path can dodge or something is so massive (i.e. a tank, giant robot, wall of an M.D.C. building, etc.) that it stops the blast from traveling its full range. The blast can be stopped by doors, walls, etc., but only if the spell's damage does not destroy the object first. Otherwise, the flames keep going. This is a great spell for clearing out passageways.
  • Range: 150ft. | Duration: Instantly | Damage: 4D6 S.D.C. | Saving Throw: Dodge of an 18 or higher.

    The incantation creates an energy bolt that the mage can mentally direct by simply looking at his intended target. The bolt may appear to fire from a hand or finger or the eyes, but needs no physical gesture, such as pointing. S.D.C. damage is normally four six-sided dice (4D6), but is increased to 6D6 under the influence of a ley line and 8D6 at a ley line nexus; P.P.E. cost is still only five despite the increased damage capability. One energy bolt can be fired at one target per each spell invocation.
  • Range: Self or others up to 60ft distance | Duration: 12 melees +4 melee per level of experience or until it is destroyed | Saving Throw: None
    P.P.E.: Ten
    The magic creates a protective field of energy around the mystic, others, or an object. The maximum area of protection is about 8ft, which means it can protect a small roomful of people (about 6 to 8 individuals). The energy field appears as a semitransparent wall or bubble that shimmers with a blue-white light. The field normally provides a total protection of 60 M.D.C., but is doubled at ley lines and tripled at ley line nexuses. Armor Rating is 4.
  • Range: Self or by touch | Duration: Instant | Saving Throw: None

    The arcanist can magically turn a poisonous substance inert, rendering it harmless. The magic can also be used to instantly negate poison in the bloodstream preventing further damage by the foul substance. However, any damage caused by the poison before the magic is used can not be reversed.
  • Range: Self or Others by touch
    Duration: 12 Melees (3 minutes) per level of Experience (36 Melees - 9 Minutes) | Savings Throw: None

    This invocation enables the character to function normally without air, whether it be underwater, in a vacuum, or a in an area with little or no oxygen. Unfortunately the magic does not protect the character against respiratory effects of magic toxins, or other types of magic, but does protect against natural and man made gasses. Others can be affected by touch, and up to two people can be invoked at one time.
  • Range: 60 feet | Duration: 6 melees +2 melees per level of the spell caster | Saving Throw: Dodge of 16 or higher

    This spell creates a net composed of magic fibers and can snare up to 1-6 human-sized victims within a 10 foot area. Normal weap­ons can not cut through the net; only Mega-Damage weapons, magic weapons, and magic can affect this net. Even then, it requires a full two melee rounds to cut or blast out (a Dispel Magic Barriers will dispel it instantly). Anyone caught in the Magic Net is helpless and unable to at­tack or defend. The spell caster can cancel the net at any time. Note: A Magic Net can trap beings larger than human-sized provided the spell does not exceed the normal area of effect. To hurt someone already caught in a Magic Net without harming the net itself requires a Called Shot or a roll of 16 or higher to strike. Characters caught in a Magic Net can Turn to Mist or Teleport out of the net. However, this will re­quire a successful saving throw vs magic. A character who was intangi­ble/mist before the Net was cast is NOT caught by it.
  • Range: Self or Other | Duration: 4 melees per level of the spell caster |
    Savings Throw: None

    This powerful spell creates an invisible, weightless, noiseless, full suit of mystic armor instantly upon the spell caster. Named after the magic armor of the dwarf king Ithan, this mystic armor has a M.D.C. of 10 per level of experience. Magic, fire, lightning-
    , and cold do one-half damage.
  • Range: 60 feet | Duration: 10 minutes per level of caster (30 minutes) | Saving Throw: None

    This magic enables the character to understand and read all written languages at 98% proficiency.
  • Range: 60 feet | Duration: 3 minutes per level of caster | Saving Throw: None

    This magic enables the character to understand and speak all spoken languages at 98% proficiency.
O.C.C. Skills
  • Language: American 99% (Native, +1%)
  • Language: Spanish 71% (+3%)
  • Language: Chinese 71% (+3%)
  • Language: Dragonese/Elven 71% (+3%)
  • Dance 55% (+5%)
  • Horsemanship: General 58% (+4%)
  • Land Navigation 54% (+4%)
  • Lore: Magic 50% (+5%)
    --Recognize Symbols, Runes and Circles 40% (+5%)
    --Recognize Enchantment 35% (+5%)
    --Identify Magic Artifact 25% (+5%)
  • Lore: D-Bee 50% (+5%)
  • Lore: Demons & Monsters 50% (+5%)
  • Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic 50% (+5%)
  • Philosophy 60% (+5%)
  • Play Musical Instrument: Guitar 55% (+5%)
  • Play Musical Instrument: Piano 55% (+5%)
  • Wilderness Survival 55% (+5%)
O.C.C. Related Skills
  • First Aid 70% (+5%)
  • Pilot: Hovercycles, Skycycles & Rocket Bikes 76%(+3%)
  • Gymnastics
    --Sense of Balance 56%
    --Parallel Bars & Rings 66%
    --Back Flip 74%
    --Basic Prowl Ability 30%
    --Basic Climb Ability 25%
    --Climb Rope 62%
  • HTH: Martial Arts
  • W.P. Handguns
  • Kick Boxing (1st Level)
Secondary Skills
  • Body Building and Weight Lifting
  • Running
  • Athletics (General)
  • W.P. Submachine Guns
  • W.P. Sword
Combat Data
HTH Type: Martial Arts
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus: +1
Strike Bonus: +2
Parry Bonus: +4
Dodge Bonus: +4
HTH Damage Bonus:
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +6
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +3
Bonus to Disarm: --
Flip Throw does 1D6 and victim looses Initiative and one attack

Hand Strikes:
  • Backhand Strike: (1D4)
  • Backhand Strike Martial Arts: (1D6)
  • Body Flip: (1D6)
  • Punch: (1D4)
  • Martial Arts Punch: (2D4)
  • Elbow/Forearm: (1D6)
  • Power Punch: (Does Double Damage but counts as two melee attacks)
  • Regular Kick (1D8)
  • Karate Kick (2D6)
  • Leap Kick (3D8) but counts as two melee attacks)
  • Knee Strike (1D6)
  • Backward Sweep: (No Damage but knocks down opponent if strike is successful and they lose one melee action.)
  • Trip/Leg Hook: (No Damage but knocks down opponent if strike is successful and they lose one melee action.)
  • Power Kick: (Does Double Damage but counts as two melee attacks)
  • Round­ house Kick (3D6)
  • Axe Kick (2D8)
Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P.: Handguns
  • +1 to Strike
W.P.: Submachine Guns
  • +2 to Strike
W.P.: Sword -
  • +2 to Strike, +1 to Parry

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +20%
Magic (varies): +7
Possession: +2
Lethal Poison (14+): +5
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +5
Insanity (12+): +0
Psionics (12+): +1
Horror Factor (varies): +4
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Re: Jerrick Vincent - Human Mystic - Work in Progress

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:D Instructions:
  • Items which have stats have their name in bold type.
  • Items which have stats or images are fully listed under Gear Stats.
  • As such, there should be no stats or images above the Gear Stats header.

TW Shard Pistol
  • +3 to Strike | 3D4 M.D. per single shot | 4D6 M.D. per burst
  • +4 to Strike | +5 to Parry | 3D6 M.D.
WI-R12 Multipurpose Sub-Machine Gun
  • +4 to Strike (=7 Aimed Shot before Bonus - Laser Sight) | 6D6 M.D. per Shor | 1D6x10+3 burst

Mage Armor, Enhanced

Secure Universal Card: 206,150
Non-Secure Black Card: 6,240 credits

Allocate your items into the categories listed in green!

Vehicles/Mounts are listed first.
AFC-111 Scout Rocket Cycle

Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Set of Traveling Clothes
Hooded Cloak
Silver Cross Necklace
Amulet of See the Invisible
NE-350 "Thumper" Sub-Machine Gun

Utility Belt
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: Canteen
• Attachment: P.P.E. Clip (spare)
• Attachment: 50 Round Heavy Ramjet Mag
• Attachment: 100 Round Mag

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
  • 12 attachment points
  • Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)

Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment: P.P.E. Clip (spare)
• Attachment: P.P.E. Clip (spare)
• Attachment: P.P.E. Clip (spare)
• Attachment: 50 Round Heavy Ramjet Mag
• Attachment: Clip Medium Plasma Rounds
• Attachment: NG Fragmentation Grenade
• Attachment: NG Fragmentation Grenade
• Attachment: NG High Explosive Grenade
• Attachment: NG High Explosive Grenade
• Attachment: NG High Explosive Grenade
• Attachment: NG Smoke Grenade
• Attachment: NG Smoke Grenade

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: Set of Clothing
• Space: Knapsack
• Space: Six Wooden Stakes
• Space: Mallet
• Space: Air Filter Gas Mask
• Space: Binoculars
• Space: 3x NG Smoke Grenade
• Space: 3x NG Fragmentation Grenade
• Space: 3x NG High Explosive Grenade
• Space: 64 Plasma Rounds

Stored in Vehicle
Guitar (When Traveling)
Large Sack
2 small bags
2 P.P.E. Clips (Spare)

Left at Base
Guitar (When at Base)

Gear Stats
OOC Comments
Mage Armor, Enhanced
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Helm: 50
  • Arms: 25 each
  • Legs: 45 each
  • Main Body: 90
  • Armor of Ithan: 50

Weight: 22 lbs.
Modifiers: -5% to physical skills
  • 1st TW Feature: Armor of Ithan (10; 5th level) - Diamond 10 ct - 150,000 credits
  • 2nd TW Feature: Eyes of Thoth (8; 5th level) - Agate (Fire) 8 ct - 360 credits
  • 3rd TW Feature: Tongues (12; 6th Level) (/list] - Agate (Fire) 12 ct - 960 Credits
    Book Reference: p.17, Rifter 22

    • Damage: 3D6 M.D.
    • Payload: 1 E-Clip will last for approximately 1 hour of use
    • Weight: 4 lbs.
    • Features: None
    • Modifiers: None
    • Book Reference: p.259, R:UE

    TW Shard Pistol
    • Range: 700'
    • Damage: 3D4 M.D. per shot or 4d6 M.D. per burst
    • Rate of Fire: Single shots or 3-shot bursts only
    • Payload: 12 shots per P.P.E. Clip
    • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
    • Features: None
    • Modifiers: None
    TW Characteristics:
    • Nothing listed
    • Book Reference: p.113, FoM

    See the Invisible Amulet
    Uncommon Amulet
    Magic Effect:
    • Enables the wearer of the medallion to see the invisible (200')

    WI-R12 Multipurpose Sub-Machine Gun
    • Range: 300'
    • Damage:
      • Standard: 6D6 or 1D6x10+3 burst
      • DU: 1D6x10 or 3D4x10 (1 M.D.) burst
      • Light Ramjet: 1 M.D. or 1D4 M.D. burst
      • Heavy Ramjet: 1d4 M.D. or 2D4 M.D. burst
    • Rate of Fire: Single shots & 3-round bursts only
    • Payload: 100 round magazine (50 rounds w/DU or ramjet rounds)
    • Weight: 12 lbs.
    • Features: W.P. Sub Machine-gun, 10x Telescopic Scope 2000-6000 ft. Magnified, Laser Sight
    • Modifiers: +3 to Aimed Shot
    • Book Reference: pg. 266, Rifts Ultimate Edition

    AFC-111 Scout Rocket Cycle
    M.D.C. by Location:
    • *Laser turrets (4, front): 20 each
    • Mini-Missile Launchers (2, sides): 40 each
    • Front Windshield: 25
    • *Eye Headlights (2): 8 each
    • *Directional Jets (10): 15 each
    • *Tail Fins (4): 15 each
    • Rear Jets (2): 55 each
    • Main Body: 150

    *Requires a called shot at -4 to strike
    -15% to piloting if 3+ directional jets lost
    -50% to speed & -30% to piloting if 1 rear jet lost
    Statistical Data:
    Range: 12 hours before 4 hour required cool-down
    Flying: 440 mph max; 2,500’ max altitude
    Underwater Capabilities: 210 mph max across surface
    Modifiers: None
    Crew: 1 Pilot
    Class: Aerial military combat vehicle
    Dimensions: 4’ tall, 4’wide, 11’ long, 1,000 lbs
    Cargo: 1 energy rifle & 3 E-clips
    Power System: Nuclear Powered
    Weapon Systems:
    C-RF4 Rapid Fire Pulse Lasers (4)
    • Range: 1,800’
    • Damage: 2D6 M.D. per each blast
    • Rate of Fire: Single, double, triple, and quadruple blasts only
    • Payload: Unlimited

    Modified CR-10 Concealed Mini-Missile Launcher (2)
    • Range: Varies by mini-missile type
    • Damage: Varies by mini-missile type
    • Rate of Fire: 1 at a time or volleys of 2, 3, 4, or 5
    • Payload: 12 total, 6 per launcher

    Features of Note:
    • Radar: track & ID 48 targets (10 miles)
    • Directional laser comms (500 miles)
    • Short-range radio (5 miles)

    Book Reference: p.167-169, WB11

    Psynetic Crystal Amplifier (Patron Item) *Implanted*
    Crystalline Nano-Amplifier:
    • † Adds 1d6x10 I.S.P. to character's available I.S.P.
      § Increase the range, duration and damage of psionic powers by 50%.

    Crystalline Augmenter:
    • † Enhanced Senses: +15% on Perception Rolls
      § Reduces I.S.P. cost of all psionic powers by half (round down).

    † Modifier from being attached to head and worn.
    § Additional modifier from being surgically connected to the character's brain as a cybernetic (M.O.M.) implant.
    Limitation: Master psionics can only wear the amplifier; implantation lobotomizes master psionics. Only humanoid and mortal (non-M.D.C.), minor or major psionic beings can have a psynetic crystal amplifier implanted.
    Side-effects as an implant: As time progresses and the character develops in experience, he will begin to experience psychological instability which manifests as a new insanity every other experience level reached after implantation. (Roll randomly or work with your GM to determine new insanities.) After three levels of experience have been achieved after implantation, surgical removal becomes impossible.

    NG Fragmentation Grenade
    • Range: 120' thrown
    • Damage: 2D4 M.D. to a 20' AoE

    NG High Explosive Grenade
    • Range: 120' thrown
    • Damage: 3D4 M.D. to a 6' AoE

    NG Smoke Grenade
    • Range: 120' thrown
    • Damage: creates a smoke screen that covers a 40' AoE

    NE-350 "Thumper" Sub-Machine Gun
    • Range: 600'
    • Damage: 5D6 M.D. or 1D6x10 M.D. per burst
    • Rate of Fire: Single shots and 3-round bursts only
    • Payload: NE-002PC; 30-round magazine or 60-round magazine*
    • Weight: 15 lbs.
    • Features: Superior balance
    • Modifiers: W.P. Sub-Machine Gun
      • +1 to strike on aimed shots; *-2 to strike; P.S. 24+, Bionic/Robotic P.S. 20+
      • SN P.S. of 16+ can fire 2-handed, or 1-handed at -1 to strike
    • Book Reference: p.27, DB8
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Re: Jerrick Vincent - Human Mystic - Work in Progress

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Jerrick is the son and middle child of Palmer and Kyri Vincent. He has an older brother Paulson and a sister Drusilla. He was born in Dweomer in the Federation of Magic. Kyri is a low level psionics user who works at the shop of a renowned Apothecary named Mordent Fel, and his father is Ley Line Walker who is a member of the Constabulary. His father is a misogynist who frequently abused his mother and sister. His brother idealized his father. His mother and sister were terrified to defy him. All his sister wanted was her father's love and approval which only came if she let him control every aspect of her life. When he was 12 he witnessed his father grab his sister by the hair and throw her to the ground and begin beating her with a belt. He became furious and pushed his father off of her. Palmer then turned on him and began screaming with a contorted grin:

[b]"You will pay for your insolence you ungrateful welp. I am going to enjoy putting you in your place."[/b]

He used his magic to set the belt aflame and beat Jerrick severely leaving cauterized slash scars on his arms and back, as his sister watched in horror. She never spoke to him about it, but she didn't have to. He knew that her realationship with their father was complicated and expected nothing from her.

After this incident he swore he would be nothing like his father. He also would never let that happen to him again. He dedicated himself to honing his body physically. He studied Martial Arts, the art of Swordplay and Gymnastics reaching peak human physicality. He also began learning how to use firearms rather than commit to the studies of the arcane. Firearms are just as effective as magic and required much less time studying. He was only allowed to practice at the range with their weapons but was not allowed to have a weapon of his own. When he was 16 he manifested Psychic Abilities that far exceeded his mothers and focused on learning to control them. Despite his emerging abilities and accomplishments his father always made him feel like a failure. He would barely speak to him and when he did it was only to berate him. The only reason life was at all tolerable was his mother. She always told him how proud she was of him when his father wasn't around. Nothing he did earned his father’s respect or love if he was even capable of love. But his mother let him know he was loved. And for the most part so did his sister in her way. His brother mirrored everything their father including his low opinion of Jerrick, but didnt think Jerrick deserved the treatment that he got. He even respected Jerrick a little for his ability to carve his own path. His brother became a Ley Line Walker like his father and was the golden child. His sister forever desiring her father's approval and being highly intelligent, graduated basic schooling 3 years early and was accepted into the Arcane College with the intent of following in her father's footsteps. She should of graduated the year after Jerrick but instead graduated a year before.

As he reached his last year of basic schooling, he learned to commune with spirits. One day he made contact with the spirit of a man who showed him how he could tap into the forces that conjured and controlled magic and manipulate them almost as effectively as those who study magic. Using these teachings he soon began casting spells. During the celebration of his sisters completion of year one of college his father slapped his mother in the kitchen in front of Jerrick for breaking a dish, he lost it again but this time he was ready and he front kicked his father across the room, screaming:

[b]"You pathetic little man, pick on someone your own size!!!!!". [/b]

Palmer enraged retorted:

[b]"Gladly you impudent cur."[/b]

He began casting Fire Bolt and to his shock and Amazement Jerrick cast an Energy Shield which stopped the bolt in its track. While Palmer was shocked Jerrick let loose a flurry of blows that knocked his father out cold as his brother, sister and mother grabbed him to pull him away.

[b]"What have you done Jerrick?" [/b] said a frantic Kyri.

Jerrick retorted:

[b] "I can't stand it anymore. He is a pig. I ought to kill him." [/b]

Kyri grabbed his face and said

[b] "You have to go, your father will be furious and he has the might of the Constabulary behind him." [/b]

He was so angry, how is it he was the one that had to leave?!?!?. She continued:

[b]"You need to leave the Federation he will be able to make your life a living hell here." [/b]

Frustrated Jerrick replied:

[b]"But mom I was just . . ." [/b]

She interrupted:

[b] "I know and I love you, and thank you for standing up for me, but you can't be here when he gets up. Go west to MercTown. You can make a life there and your father has no authority or pull there."
Jerrick begrudgingly and quickly packed his things. Much to his surprise his mother gave him some money she had stashed away that she saved to eventually leave Palmer. She told Jerrick she was just waiting until all her children had left so she wouldn't leave the kids with the monster that Palmer was. Jerrick begged her to come with him, but she told him she couldn't until Drusilla graduated and left home He told his mom he would send basic communication to let her know he is ok. He promised her:

[b]"I swear I will be successful there so when the time comes you can join me and I will take care of you."[/b]

She smiled and gave Jerrick a big hug, and said:

[b]"I know you will Jerrick, I know you will."[/b]

He then departed for MercTown.

The stories said it was a place of Opportunity. He wasn't sure what he wanted to to do, but there he could do whatever he wanted. When he first arrived at MercTown he had very little money so he went to the Sphinx and the Unicorn and convinced the owner to let him play music for the ability to rent a supply closet with a cot. He played there nightly until he had enough money from tips saved up to find a place to rent.

Once on his feet he had the radical idea to try his luck as a private eye. He would use his connection to the afterlife to solve mysteries. This was mostly a bust but he did find an item a local underworld boss was looking for and received a tidy sum. That with his earnings on weekends from the Sphinx and Unicorn allowed him to add padding to his finances. He missed having people though. the closest he had to family here was the Weird Sisters who ran a shop in the mystic Quarter that reminded Jerrick of the shop where his Mom worked, where he spent a lot of time as a kid. They would frequently have him over for dinner and ask him about his life in the Federation and his thoughts on them. He never shared the stuff with his father, he never talked about that. but they were always making sure he was eating and taking care of himself. He also found a drinking buddy in Little T, one of the bouncers at the Sphinx and Unicorn, who was neither little and his name was Clarence. He would always change the subject when asked why he was called Little T. They had a blast drinking, trying to ineffectively pick up ladies. Little T also helped him continue his physical training. They worked out, ran and sparred regularly. Little T even taught him Kickboxing, which helped take his Martial Arts to a whole new level. Anyway, these people were as close to people he had in MercTown.

The life of a Paranormal Detective was not really exciting. He wanted adventure. And frankly had no idea how to find it. Then one Saturday Night while playing at the Tavern, he heard a Merc Outfit was looking for people to join their company. The General Investigation, Resolution & Liberation Services of MercTown. The idea of being a Mercenary sounded very exciting and he was sure he could be an asset. So he found the address and decided the following Monday he would go and apply. Things were looking up. He would be living a life of excitement in no time. As he approached the HQ of this group he had no idea what laid ahead.

[OOC=Mystic XP Table]1. 0,000-2,050
2. 2,051-4,100
3. 4,101-8,250 [*]
4. 8,251-16,500
5. 16,501-24,600
6. 24,601-34,700
7. 34,701-49,800
8. 49,801-69,900
9. 69,901-95,000
10. 95,001-130,100
11. 130,101-180,200
12. 180,201-230,300
13. 230,301-280,400
14. 280,401-340,500
15. 340,501-400,600[/OOC]

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Re: Jerrick Vincent - Human Mystic - Work in Progress

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4d6-L: [3, 5, 3, 4]-L = 12
4d6-L: [5, 4, 1, 4]-L = 13
4d6-L: [6, 2, 2, 4]-L = 12
4d6-L: [5, 3, 2, 5]-L = 13
4d6-L: [5, 5, 1, 3]-L = 13
4d6-L: [1, 2, 1, 6]-L = 9
4d6-L: [6, 3, 1, 1]-L = 10
4d6-L: [6, 2, 5, 6]-L = 17 1d6: [4] = 4

Start: 1d4*10+10+13: [1]*10+10+13 = 33
Lvl 2: 1d6+1: [5]+1 = 6
Lvl 3: 1d6+1: [1]+1 = 2

Start: 1d6+10+20+22: [3]+10+20+22 = 55
Lvl 2: 1d6+1: [3]+1 = 4
Lvl 3: 1d6+1: [4]+1 = 5

H.P.: 1d6+22: [1]+22 = 23
Lvl 2: 2d6+1: [6, 1]+1 = 8
Lvl 3: 2d6+1: [4, 1]+1 = 6

S.D.C.: 4d6: [1, 5, 6, 3] = 15

Running Speed Bonus: 4d4: [4, 3, 3, 4] = 14
Athletics (General) Speed Bonus: 1d6: [1] = 1

Running S.D.C. Bonus: 1d6: [2] = 2
Gymnastics S.D.C. Bonus: 2d6: [5, 5] = 10
Kickboxing S.D.C. Bonus: 1d10: [5] = 5
Athletics (General) S.D.C. Bonus: 1d8: [8] = 8

Credits: 2d4*10*10*10: [1, 3]*10*10*10 = 4000
Black Market Credits: 2d6*10*10*10: [3, 5]*10*10*10 = 8000
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Re: Jerrick Vincent - Human Mystic - Ready for Review

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Character Sheet
Pretty clean w/just a few formatting errors to fix. FTR: How you tried to use the LIST feature was incorrect. Hit me up if you want a few pointers. Your use of OOC tags seems crazy excessive to me, but hot damn, you're never gonna have to look anything up beyond your character sheet! LOL

I'm going to leave the decision regarding the selection of your (1) insanity to your GM's preference. He can choose which one y'all will have the most fun with.

Still need a link to your ledger.
Equipment Sheet
Nearly done--simply allocate (cut/paste) your unallocated items where you want them.
I finally got around to making that TW Armor of yours a bit better than baseline.
Background Sheet
My Linktree Page
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Re: Jerrick “Spectre” Vincent (Human Mystic)

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Code: Select all

Perception: is 46% / [roll]1d100[/roll]
JIC: [roll]1d20[/roll] | [roll]1d100[/roll]
Sense Supernatural Evil: 60% / [roll]1d100[/roll]
Conditions: M.D.C.: Helm 100/100 | Arms 75/75 | Legs 90/90 | Torso 140/140, S.D.C.: 50/50, H.P.: 40/40, See the Invisible, +7 Magic, +5 Lethal Poison/Non-Lethal Poison, +4 Horror Factor, +2 Possession, +1 Psionics, Coma/Death 20%

Code: Select all

Perception: 46% / [roll]1d100[/roll]
JIC: [roll]1d20[/roll] | [roll]1d100[/roll]
Sense Supernatural Evil: 60% / [roll]1d100[/roll]
Status: M.D.C.: Helm 100/100 | Arms 75/75 | Legs 90/90 | Torso 140/140, S.D.C.: 50/50, H.P.: 40/40 P.P.E.: 64, I.S.P.: 51
Comditions: See the Invisible, +7 Magic, +5 Lethal Poison/Non-Lethal Poison, +4 Horror Factor, +2 Possession, +1 Psionics, Coma/Death 20%
Initiative: [roll]1d20+1[/roll]
Action 1: 
Action 2: 
Action 3: 
Action 4: 

Unarmed Parries: [roll]1d20+4[/roll], [roll]1d20+4[/roll], [roll]1d20+4[/roll], [roll]1d20+4[/roll]
Vibro-sword Parries: [roll]1d20+5[/roll], [roll]1d20+5[/roll], [roll]1d20+5[/roll], [roll]1d20+5[/roll]

PPE Clip 1: 12/12 (Belt)  -  PPE Clip 2: 12/12 (Backpack)  -  Reg Bullet Clip: 100/100 (Belt)  -  Lg Ramjet Clip 1: 50/50 (Belt)  Lg Ramjet Clip 2: 50/50 (Backpack)

For Populating Actions (Delete before Posting)
Vibro-Sword: [roll]d20+4[/roll] | Damage: [roll]3d6[/roll] MD
WI-R12 SMG: [roll]d20+4[/roll]
Damage: [*]Regular Ammo: Single Shot [roll]6d6[/roll] SD, Burst: [roll]1d6*10+3[/roll] SD
[*]Large Ramjet Ammo: Single Shot [roll]d4[/roll] MD, [roll]2d4[/roll] MD

TW Shard Pistol: [roll]d20+3[/roll] | Single Shot [roll]3d4[/roll] MD, Burst: [roll]4d6[/roll] MD
Backhand: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d4[/roll] SD
Backhand Strike Martial Arts: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d6[/roll] SD
Punch: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d4[/roll]  SD
Karate Strike: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d4[/roll] SD
Elbow/Forearm: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d6[/roll] SD
Body Flip: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d6[/roll] SD
Knee Strike: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]1d8[/roll] SD
Round House Kick: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]3d6[/roll] SD
Axe Kick: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d8[/roll] SD
Power Backhand: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d4[/roll] (Cost two Melee Attacks) SD
Power Backhand Strike Martial Arts: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d6[/roll] SD
Power Punch: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d4[/roll] SD
Power Karate Strike: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]4d4[/roll] SD
Power Elbow/Forearm: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d6[/roll] SD
Power Body Flip: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d6[/roll] SD
Power Knee Strike: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]2d8[/roll] SD
Power Round House Kick: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]6d6[/roll] SD
Power Axe Kick: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: [roll]4d8[/roll] SD
Backward Sweep: [roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: 0 (Used only against opponents coming up behind the character. Does no damage, it's purely a knockdown attack. Cannot be parried.
Trip/Leg Hook:[roll]d20+2[/roll] | Damage: 0 (No Damage but knocks down opponent if strike is successful and they lose one melee action.)
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Re: Jerrick “Spectre” Vincent (Human Mystic)

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Additional Rolls:

I.S.P. Psynetic Crystal Amplifier= 1d6*10: [1]*10 = 10
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