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[GR]The Dark Carnival

Post by Consumer »

The Dark Carnival
Date Time Location Info wrote:Date: Day 0
Time: 1900 hours
Location: Croc’s, Level 13, Center, Phase World, Corkscrew Galaxy.
Weather: 60 degrees, Mildly smoggy.
Mission Notes
Bryke: No Skills Used.
Pertinax: No Skills Used.
Mungo: No Skills Used.
Quince: No Skills Used.
Az Rael: No Skills Used.
A meeting of minds.

A few weeks pass, and the Galactic rogues busy themselves with learning new spells, or looking into their own affairs. The items ordered by the group through the Merchant of Death Formin arrive and are picked up by the owners. All in all it’s surprisingly peaceful, and boring.

The group not having a residence is split among a few locations, with Az Rael and Quince staying on the ship, Pertinax in his dilapidated apartment, and Mungo and Bryke in the mysterious Blackstone Tower. While day to day communication between the members of the Galactic Rogues is spotty, everyone has a general idea of the other’s locations and when a summons to Croc’s happens, it is the first time the group has been fully together in the past three weeks.

The nightclub is busy, with music blaring and folk dancing. The three bars are packed, as are the seats along the edges. The fight cages are active, with cyber-enhanced pit fighters duking it out for the blood thirsty masses. None of this is important to the Galactic Rogues because as soon as they’re visible to the cameras adorning the building, they are instructed via a radio message to enter through the back door. There they are met by one of Croc’s servants, a thin elf male in a dark robe.

The Servant leads the Rogues through the back passages and into Croc’s private domain. The servant leaves the group at a series of couches, rugs, and pillows, to wait for his master to arrive. A tray of various drinks sits on a trolly nearby. Back in Croc’s Lair, the sounds of the club are all but unhearable, whether by technology or magic, one couldn’t say, but it sure does seem private. Croc arrives several minutes later, dressed in a coarse looking sarong, and enough jewelry to make a level one noble jealous. Croc approaches the trolly and selects a tumbler of some amber liquid, before sitting down on a pile of plush pillows.

”So I have received some news, and I figured you might want to hear it.” Croc says his voice a deep gravelly sound. ”My folks have confirmed that the Raggedy Man is in his lair, and hasn’t left for several days.” The crocodilian crime boss says, before sipping his drink.

What are your Intentions?

Butcher’s Bill
The Rogue: 1 Token
The Ghost: 1 Token
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Re: [GR]The Dark Carnival

Post by Pertinax »

Perception (33%) 1d100: [24] = 24
JiC 1d20: [12] = 12 / 1d100: [78] = 78

Talisman of Armor of Ithan (Inactive)
Black boots
Blue pants
Blue and orange hooded jacket

Ripper vibro-knife
Kimarxi hunting knife
HW-19 stun pistol (20/20)

Over the past few weeks Pertinax has slipped into a comfortable routine. He goes back to bouncing from cheap hotel to cheap hotel in the lower levels of Center. After all, he literally cannot be too paranoid. He never stays in the same room two nights in a row; though when he gets stupefyingly drunk he sometimes staggers back to the same hotel on instinct. At least the benders are infrequent now, and less likely to end in senseless violence.

To fund his drinking he still takes the odd job for Croc and his associates. It never amounts to much more than breaking a few bones and occasionally collecting a debt. Pertinax loathes the work, though he won't admit it to himself. Acting as the mindless tough for a low-level criminal should be beneath him; he was a spy and infiltrator for the mighty Tarlok Empire. And he doesn't appreciate the senseless violence of the work. While he has started to shed his former code of non-violence over the past weeks, months really, he still found the act of inflicting pain on someone foolish enough to try and fix a fight to unpleasant.

He couldn't pinpoint the source of that dissatisfaction. You are not some sort of shertar. Snapping limbs and extracting truth is your nature. It is what you were born and trained to do. He thinks that the code of non-violence was meant to give him focus, to make him better. He would then serve as the paragon for a new Tarlok Empire. But now he was nothing more than a shiftless mercenary, muscle for hire. You will find a new purpose yet. You already found Karnak, that is progress. And there is satisfaction in your missions with the Rogues. But it's more than that; this lifestyle leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. At heart Pertinax is a broken soldier, and he cannot shake away the failures of his past or the fact they have left him here, in a dive in the lower levels, brooding alone with a drink.

He looks to his left and then to his right. It is hard to brood alone with a drink when there is a nosy Octoman on one side and a needy and even more paranoid boy on his other, not to mention the Promethean lurking around the bar. "We do not need to socialize in public," he had said when Az Rael first arrived at the bar. "People might think that we are friends. I have a reputation here, and I do not want you to ruin it."

Despite his initial objections, he doesn't put much of a fight when the other Rogues insist on staying. He quietly stares into his small lager and begrudgingly accepts the company of his colleagues. Occasionally he even acknowledges that they are having a conversation and even contributes to it. But when Croc sends him a radio message, he tries to casually listen to it without being noticed by the others and sneak off to the private rooms. He sighs as he sees the others follow along, unsure if they received the same message he did or if they are following him looking for work. He assumes the latter but pretends (correctly) that is the later. After letting the others enter before him, Pertinax sits down cross-legged on one of the throw couches and takes a sip from his drink. He nurses the beer, knowing it is best that he stay sober-ish for the moment.
Croc wrote:"So I have received some news, and I figured you might want to hear it. My folks have confirmed that the Raggedy Man is in his lair, and hasn’t left for several days."
The tarlok's gills flare open. He had been waiting for a chance to finally resolve this business. Someone had sent a powerful mercenary to destroy the Rogue's base. Like the others, Pertinax wants to know who hired the Raggedy Man and settle all debts.

"This is the same abandoned warehouse you mentioned several months ago, correct? Is this where you fought him as well? Does he like to keep it booby-trapped?"
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Re: [GR]The Dark Carnival

Post by Az Rael »

Perception Bonus: 58% vs 1d100: [51] = 51
JIC: 1d20 - 1d20: [8] = 8 and 1d100 - 1d100: [96] = 96

Az Rael walks with the team into the back room. He positions himself in the middle purposefully. Not in the front, don't want to give the impression I am taking control. Not in the back! better to leave someone else open for the backstabbing. Az Rael smiles slightly at his own joke. Once he enters the room, he finds a corner where he can see the entrance and leans against the wall.

Consumer wrote: Mon Jan 23, 2023 5:21 pm ”So I have received some news, and I figured you might want to hear it.” Croc says his voice a deep gravelly sound. ”My folks have confirmed that the Raggedy Man is in his lair, and hasn’t left for several days.” The crocodilian crime boss says, before sipping his drink.

Az Rael cocks his head back listening intently, What make him think Crocs isn't aware he is being watched.

Pertinax wrote: Mon Jan 23, 2023 8:42 pm "This is the same abandoned warehouse you mentioned several months ago, correct? Is this where you fought him as well? Does he like to keep it booby-trapped?"

Az Rael's eyes flatten as he considers Pertinax's questions, This, is a possible trap in itself. He looks around the room briefly to gauge the teams mood from the news. Turning and loooking to Crocs he asks, "He knows people are aware this is his hideout. How likely is it he knows he is being watched?" Pausing breifly to consider the question himself he continues, "He likely doesn't care. A predator doesn't hide his presence from the prey unless he is hunting. Ragedy Man is an apex predator." After another brief pause he finishes with a breathy chort, "Probably not booby trapped... he has no reason to be afraid."

Laying his head back against the wall he wonders, "Crocs is the only one alive who faced him and lived. We need to know more about this man. We cannot run at this head first." Az rAel sighs, This isn't YOUR team Alex, they will do what they choose.

When he finds an open chance to interject he asks, "What do we know about his powers or abilities?"
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Horror/Awe Factor: 12

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Re: [GR]The Dark Carnival

Post by Quince »

Percep 42%: 1d100: [20] = 20
JIC: 1d20: [1] = 1 1d100: [1] = 1

In one of their meetings over the weeks, Quince informs the rest of the team the Glitch has wandered off and may or may not return. His days are routine as he practices his shipboard life. Maintenance of the ship is beyond his abilities, but he does all he can to keep the public areas of the ship clean and tidy. He occasionally ranges off the ship, roaming here and there with the random stop at Croc's for a drink and to see if he can spot other of the team. Though even when he does, he simple offers them a nod of acknowledgement unless they have some business to discuss.

On this night however, he meets up with the team and joins them in the backroom at Croc's. Sitting stiffly on the edge of one of the couches, Quince waits to see why they have been summoned to the backroom.

After hearing Croc out, Quince thinks, Ah, the issue with the Raggedy Man. Yes, I remember them talking about him, though his assault predates my joining the team. Though, if it weren't for him, I'd have a room in the base instead of a cabin on the ship. Quince quirks a brow ridge when Croc mentions the Raggedy Man and his eyes flick to the others in the team that have more of an issue with the man.

Quince eventually speaks up and says, "You have my support if you all decide on an incursion against the Raggedy Man." as he fiddles with a talisman hanging around his neck.
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