Group A Catch-all Thread

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Group A Catch-all Thread

Post by Ya-Blik »

Name: Tony
Hangout: tony.d.burns.jr

GM Account: Ya-Blik

Posting Schedule/Cycle: I will be aiming to have consistent GM posts done on Saturday Evenings at a minimum. Potential small updates in between if needed and/or beneficial. I do however prefer a faster post rate if it can be maintained. If the group can keep up with a faster post rate we can discuss adding a second day for expected full GM posts.

Game Style: I am an old style sandbox GM. If you want some background as to what that means exactly I suggest reading this thread. More generally this means I strive to give you options, choices that you can make, and to ensure that these choices are respected and consequential. However I will not make choices for you. I respect your authorship in the game too much for that. The largest difference between my style and Narrative style is that I am not trying to tell you a story. Instead I strive to simulate the world that you are interacting with as accurately as I can. This means that proactivity from the players is required and expected. I expect players to set their own goals and priorities, make decisions based on them, and to be constantly both pursuing these things and letting me know what they are. If you ever feel like things are boring, most likely I am waiting for you to make a decision and do something and am just as bored as you are. So do something!

More On Sandboxing:

More On Swords & Sorcery: ... AndSorcery

Post Composition: I expect things to be in character 100% in an IC post and for site post and formatting standards to be followed. I encourage the use of OOC tabs for decluttering things but that isn't mandatory. I prefer to avoid meta-content as much as possible though I understand some people really enjoy it. Try to make it at minimum a detail in your post and not the main body of it. This is a pet peeve of mine for sure.

Writing Quality: I know not everyone is a fantastic writer here. I don't expect you to be. However our chosen game medium here is prose. The quality level of the writing you put into your posts directly contributes to the enjoyment that everyone else gets out of playing the game with you. This in effect creates a kind of feedback loop of both enjoyment and writing level in any group. Put in a little extra effort in proof reading and formatting. Try to take the time to bring your best writing to the fore when you write your posts. You might surprise yourself with what you end up putting into the game. And the game will pay you back for your effort.

Group Cohesion & PvP: I am not completely opposed to PvP if it makes sense. It can even be very dramatic and exciting roleplaying. But in general I think it tends to be disruptive rather than value added to gameplay, and that tends to be because people are doing it poorly and for the wrong reasons. (Yeah, relative to my values for those things, but hey... that is me.) In general this is a team activity, a team sport if you will, where we all need each other to play off of and with (giggity) and that means it isn't about any one of us to the exclusion of the others. If anyone feels like they are either excluded or not having fun, please come to me about it directly and discuss it with me.
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Re: Group A Catch-all Thread

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Greetings Group A,

As this Quad will soon conclude I am delving back into the archives and working to update your XP charts.

If you like XP, put a link to your ledger in your character sheet. Then you may get some.

Alwin, I am unable to locate your EP Ledger link. You are not alone.



Dice Lord
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