Kaster Trodwell (Mutant Goat)

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Kaster Trodwell (Mutant Goat)

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Player Name: James
E-Mail: nowhere65 at hotmail.com
Discord: Halkolives#4789
Link to Ledger

Character Name: Kaster Trodwell
Animal Type: Goat
Background: Border Area Character
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 2
XP Points: 17 (3-6-2023)
Next Level @ XP: 31
Sentiments/Humans: Never met one, just seen some Folk that claim to look a lot like them. Skeptical of anyone claiming to be human.
Sentiments/Reclaimers: Exploring and making contact with Folk beyond the Kingdom is the right thing to do.
Sentiments/Orthodox: There's no growth with these zealots, no change, just the same thing over and over. Which makes it much harder to make some Bucks.
Sentiments/Imperials: Conquerors one and all, taking what they find and destroying what the don't want.
Species Hostilities: Standoffish with canine types
Disposition: Always interested to see what's over the next hill. Tends to get itchy hooves when he stays in one place too long.
Insanity: None

I.Q.: 11
M.E.: 12
M.A.: 13
P.S.: 20 (Brute)
P.P.: 11
P.E.: 21
P.B.: 9
Speed: 42 (630 ft per melee, 157.5 ft per action)

H.P.: 27
S.D.C.: 53
I.S.P.: 24
P.P.E.: 42
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 4' 5”
Weight: 60 lbs
Description: A white furred Folk of the Goats is readily apparent with the curled horns of his kind. Cloven hooves clop on the paving stones as the yellow eyed Folk peers out on the world through the smoke rising from the pipe usually in his hand.

Goat: 55
Size Level 6: 0
Border Area Character: +0
Hands (full): -10
Biped (full): -10
Speech (full): -10
Looks (none): -0
Vestigial Hooves: +5
Horns (Dmg 2d4): -5
Advanced Vision: -0
Advanced Hearing: -5
Extraordinary Speed: -10
Animal Speech (goat): -5
Mental Speak: -5
Bonus Bio-E (October 1st-January 31st XP & EP Rewards): +3

Total: +3
Natural Abilities
Perception: (63% +3%)
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 25%
Max. Encumbrance: 36 lbs
Max. Carrying Weight: 400 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 1000 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 20' long, 10' high

Special Abilities
Vestigial Hooves
Horns (Dmg 2d4)
Advanced Vision
Brute Strength
Extraordinary Speed

Animal Speech (Goat)
Mental Speak

Apprenticeship (Core) Teamster Skills
Native Language: Common (89% +1%)
Teamster/Wagoner (70% +5%)
Rope Works (55% +5%)
Land Navigation (54% +4%)
Animal Husbandry (45%+5%)
Mathematics: Basic (73% +4%)
Carpentry (40% +5%)
Farrier: Basic (43% +4%)
General Repair & Maintenance (45% +5%)
Wilderness Survival (40% +5%)
Dance (35% +5%)
Literacy: Common (35% +5%)
Horsemanship: General (45/30% +5%)
Horsemanship: Exotic Animals (45/30% +5%)
Sailing (65% +5%)

Apprenticeship (Other) Skills
Farming & Gardening 44% (+4%)
Paramedical (53% +3%)
Heraldry 25%/30% (+5%)
Intelligence (36% +4%)
W.P. Axe
W.P. Shield
W.P. Knife
W.P. Targeting
Physical Labor
Hand to Hand: Basic
--Back Flip: +4 to dodge; ends in a tumble and crouched stance (45%+5%)
--Body Throw/Flip Attack
--Leaps: 5' long +1' every 2nd level, 4' high +1' every 3rd level
--Pole Vault: 8' high +2'/level (50%+5%)
--Stilt Walk 50% (+5%)
--Sense of Balance (62% +2%)
--Walk Tightrope or High Wire (63% +3%)
--Climb Rope (72% +2%)
--Climbing (44% +4%)
--Back Flip (55% +5%)
--Leap: 4’ high, 5’ long, +2’/level, Fearless of heights

Secondary Skills
Swimming (55% +5%)
Prowl (40% +5%)
Juggling (35% +5%)
Recognize Weapon Quality (30% +5%)
Detect Ambush (35% +5%)
Identify Plants & Fruits (30% +5%)
Sign Language (40% +7%)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 4
Initiative Bonus: +2
Strike Bonus:
Parry Bonus: +2
Dodge Bonus: +2
HTH Damage Bonus: +5
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +2
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm:

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Axe - Strike +1
W.P. Shield – Parry +1
W.P. Knife – Strike +1, Parry +1, Strike when thrown +1
W.P. Targeting – Strike +1 If you have W.P. Targeting AND another missile W.P. (but not weapons not designed for throwing), then you may combine the bonuses from both proficiencies.

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +12%
Magic (varies): +3
Lethal Poison (14+): +3
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +3
Insanity (12+):
Psionics (10+):
Horror Factor (varies):
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Re: Kaster Trodwell - WIP

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Carried/In Hand

Worn on Person
Brown Leather Vest
-concealed in vest: Knife: Throwing: 2
Blue Woolen Knee-Length Pants
Leather Belt
Brown oiled cloak
Pouch of tobacco
Soft Leather Armor

• Pouch: 207 Bucks

Traveling Pack
• Waterskin (two pints)
• Hardtack
Knife: Throwing: 2
• An Apple
• block of pressed and dried greens
• Flint and Steel
• Wool Blanket
• Treated Torch (lasts three hours)
• Rope (40')
• Wool Blanket

Hand Pulled Cart
19.5 lbs. Dried Fruit (40 Bucks)
19 lbs. Dried Veggies (40 Bucks)
28 lbs. Oatmeal (3 Bucks)
20 lbs. Beans (40 Bucks)
20 lbs. rice (40 Bucks)
water barrel 25 gal. (20 Bucks)
25 cast iron skillets (8 Bucks each: 200 Bucks)
25 cast iron pots (8 Bucks each: 200 Bucks)
40 spoons (1 Buck for 2: 20 Bucks)
40 knives (1 Buck for 2: 20 Bucks)
Canvas Tarp (covering cart contents)

Gear Stats
OOC Comments
  • Range: Close Combat
  • Damage: 1D6
  • Weight: .5 lbs
  • Features:
  • Modifiers:

Knife: Throwing
  • Range: Close Combat
  • Damage: 1D6
  • Weight: .25 lbs
  • Features:
  • Modifiers: +1 to strike when thrown only

Large Axe
  • Range: Close Combat
  • Damage: 3D6
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Features:
  • Modifiers:

Soft Leather Armor (Full)
  • Armor Rating: 9
  • S.D.C.: 20
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Features:
  • Modifiers:

Hand Pulled Cart

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Re: Kaster Trodwell - WIP

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Background Story

When Markeff Trodwell is in his cups he likes to boast that his son, Kaster, was born and raised on the road. Slurring a bit as he speaks, he will say, "Twenty, thirty years ago we were always on the road. My wife, Kardine hated it then. Always on the move hauling good here and there. We'd turn a few bucks taking the overland route from Port Periwinkle. 'Specially if we could beat the barges coming up river. Spring time was the best. When the snow is melting and the river is up and flowing proper good. We'd turn a good coin trading on the road too, but it was wise not to ask too many questions and to keep your prices reasonable, lest you prod a would be bandit into action." He gives whoever's listening a wink and chuckles. "Ah, I remember we had a deal with a questionable group out by Fallwood. We'd do better than fair trade with their questionable goods in exchange for safe passage through their area. This was back before the King's Guard routed them all out." Filling his cup again, Markeff continues on with his stories, "Ha, there was this one time we were being trailed by a pack of wolves. None of the Folk mind you just the hum drum beasts. Musta been an early spring run coming out of a long winter. They were likely looking for some easy scraps but Kaster caught sight of them and you woulda thought they were charging in and going for our draft animals. Come to think of it, I think he left a puddle in the back of the wagon." He sips from his cup again making a slurping sound and chuckles, "Well all that fun ended the day Ginilly was born. Kardine wouldn't have her little girl growing up on the road. That's when we truly settled down in Kingsalter and started short hauling. Mostly from the docks and warehouses to the in town shops and such." He grins as he looks up "Ah, here comes the boy now."

Entering the pub, Kaster scans the smoky room and locates his father. After all a goat with one horn broken off stands out pretty well. Nodding to his father's old friend as he sat down with the pair, Kaster grins and say, "Well, have I peed the wagon yet tonight?" Old Braster chuckles and nods, "Aye, not too long ago. You're timing is perfect. Any later and he'd be onto the one where he hauled some chests for the King of what could only have been the crown jewels." Braster gives Markeff an elbowing before he stands, patting Kaster on the shoulder and wanders over to some other part of the pub.

Turning to his father, Kaster says, "With Ginilly turning sixteen soon and her bow, Bidrick, is doing great learning the business. Well, I'm gonna get back out on the King's Road and try my hand at long hauling. Before you say anything, I know I don't have a wagon yet or draft beasts but I saved up and bought a hand cart. And you know I'm strong enough and fast enough to handle that on my own." Before Kaster can say much else, his father grabs the back of his head and pulls it toward him, butting it it gently he holds it there and says, "My boy, you know I'm as proud of you as any father could be."

Relationship to other player characters
  • Irok Bloodfeast:
  • Auriana Firetail: Possible it was Kaster and his dad that gave her and her brother a ride after they fled their home.
  • Quetzalcoatl:
  • Waylin Cumberbund:
  • Jesper Brambleborn: Kaster's father had a deal with the bandit clan for protection. Kaster and Jesper would play together when the trader would stop there.
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Re: Kaster Trodwell (Mutant Goat)

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Scratch Sheet
EP Purchases
Level Up Rolls
lvl 2 HP= 1d6: [5] = 5
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