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Juan Echo (Yayamama Godling)

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Player Name: Chris
G-Mail: gravedigger.agm@gmail.com
Link to Ledger: http://explorersunlimited.com/eu/viewto ... 0#p1353438

Character Name: Juan Echo
Alias: Jonny, The Wanderer
Race: Yayamama
O.C.C.: Godling
Alignment: Unprincipled
XP Level: 7
XP Points: 51,926 (Updated 2021-02-01 DSM)
Next Level @ XP: 80,001
Sentiments/Non-deities: The Yayamama are the most glorious of all deities in the Universe, all Gods should bow in reverence of their divinity; all none-deities are Urqos
Disposition: As the Wandering God, Juan Echo is protective of all fellow travelers, and likewise generous to all who give shelter. He wanders the stars looking for adventure for himself and treasure to bestow on his worshipers.
Insanity: Note - The Yayamama are a proud pantheon to question their mental acumen would be a grave insult. But to quote a classic if problematic movie, the Gods must be crazy.
  • Multiple Personalities - Juan has a close relationship with his sister Joan, and part of her psyche is in his consciousness. When they are apart, he can hear her thoughts. This should not be mistaken for a psychic link, but rather a second persona thinking along side him.
    Obsession: Sex - Juan has never been one to say no a sexual partner; no really, he hardly ever turns down the opportunity to have sex with sentient beings, especially insectoids (such as the giant termite queens of Mahogg 1E) and in large groups. This often leads to problems, as Juan does not think about the consequences of his sexual conquests, often leading to broken peace treaties, clan and familial rifts, environmental crises, and even open warfare (all of which happened on Mahogg 1E).
I.Q.: 19
M.E.: 17
M.A.: 14
P.S.: 29
P.P.: 16
P.E.: 20
P.B.: 26
Speed: 57

M.D.C.: 348
P.P.E.: 50
I.S.P.: 82
Age: 1791
Sex: Male
Height: 9’10”
Weight: 675 lbs.
Description: Juan Echo is a tall, slender humanoid with hard burgundy red skin that appears like polished red stone. His face is long, with a strong jaw, and a thin nose; his long black hair is usually kept loose.
Horror Factor: 10

Perception Bonus: 33%
Charm/Impress: 80%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 30%
Regeneration: 1D6 x 5 M.D.C. per minute
Max. Encumbrance: 675 lbs.
Max. Carrying Weight: 1400 lbs.
Max. Lifting Weight: 2700 lbs. for 20 minutes
Max. Jumping Ability: 40'6"
Resistances (Poisons, drugs and toxins, fire, and cold): 50%

Energy Blast: attack, 3D6 MD; range, 2D6 x 100 feet
Energy Aura: 140 M.D.C.; can be created up to three times per 24 hour period
Nightvision: 200'
See the Invisible
Super Strong
Super Swift

Minor Psionic
Increased Healing
  1. Range: Touch or 3 feet
    Duration: 2D4 days; Trance: 1D6 hours
    I.S.P.: 10
    Effect: 12 S.D.C. per day
Induce Sleep:
  1. Range: Touch or 6 feet
    Duration: One per level (3)
    I.S.P.: 4
    Saving throw: standard; unwilling victim +5
  1. Range:Self
    Duration: As needed
    I.S.P.: 0
Intuitive Combat
  1. Range: Self
    Duration: Two melee rounds per level of experience
    I.S.P.: 10
  1. Range: Read surface thoughts, 60 feet; telepathic communication 140 feet plus 40 for every level of experience
    Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience
    I.S.P.: 4
Language: Native tongue – 98%
Language: Dragonese - 98%
Language: Trade 1 -- 98%
Language: Trade 4 -- +86%
Language: Trade 5 -- +86%
Literacy: Trade 1 -- 98%
Basic Math -- +85%
Lore: Demons & Monsters-- +70%
Land Navigation -- 63%

Brewing: Medicinal -- 55%/60%
Climbing -- 60%/50%
Cook -- +65% (+75% to game animals)
Holistic Medicine – 60%/50%
Navigation: Space -- 60%
Piloting: Starship -- 63%
Skin & Prepare Animal Hides -- 65%
Streetwise -- 24%
Wilderness Survival -- 55%

Gambling (Standard) -- 50%
Piloting: EVA -- 60%
Prowl -- 47%

HTH Type: Commando
Number of Attacks: 7
Initiative Bonus: +6
Strike Bonus: +7
Foot Strikes: +2
Parry Bonus: +8
Dodge Bonus: +8
Auto-Dodge Bonus: +3
HTH Damage Bonus: +12
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +4
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +5
Bonus to Disarm: +2
Critical Strike: On natural 18, 19, and 20
Backward Sweep Kick: Used only against opponents coming from behind; does no damage
Body Block/Tackle: 1D4 damage
Body Flip/Throw: 1D6 damage
Elbow: 1D6
Karate Punch/Strike: 2D4 damage
Kick: 2D6
Power Kick: 4D6; counts as two melee attacks
Power Punch: 6D6 M.D.; counts as two melee attacks
Punch: 5D6 +2 M.D.
Restrained Punch: 5D6 S.D.C.
Roll with Punch
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Blunt -- +2 parry; +2 strike
W.P. Staff -- +1 parry; +2 strike
W.P. Sword -- +1 parry; +2 strike
W.P. Heavy MD Weapons
W.P. Paired Weapons

Coma/Death: +10%
Magic: +3
Lethal Poison: +3
Non-Lethal Poison:+3
Insanity: +1
Psionics: +1
Horror Factor: +3
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Juan Echo
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Diamond Level Patron
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Equipment: Possessions

Post by Juan Echo »

Worn on Person
NE-BA-26 Special Body Armor (Color Rush)
  • Right side pocket 1: NE-74GL Grenade Launcher/ 1 Drum of High Yield Explosive Micro-grenade Drum
    Right side pocket 2: Secure Universal Card
    Left side pocket 1: Magical Clubs with Rings of Sha Los(2)
    Left side pocket 2:
Splurgoth Talisman of Armor of Ithan
White Tanktop
Cargo Shorts
Commando Brand Undergarments
Action Sandals

Equipment on Dime Store Magic
NE-BA-26 Special Body Armor (Black and Gold)
Demon bone knives (2)
NE-200 Plasma Cartridge Machine-Gun
V81 Volcano Mark-1
Cargo pants
Claw hammer
Gems and gold coins
Reinforced tether cable
Snake meat
Spicy unidentified jerky
Survival Commando knife
Tank top

NE-BA-26 Special Body Armor (Black and Gold)
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Helmet: 60
  • Arms: 50 each
  • Legs: 60 each
  • Main Body: 140
Weight: 35 lbs.
Special: Giant-sized; two side pockets on each leg
Description: Panels are either black or gold (usually black) and teal piping, lights on helmet, shoulder, and belt are also teal; Naruni Enterprises Smyther described the suit as looking like, 'the uniform for the saddest sportball team on a backwater planet'

NE-BA-26 Special Body Armor (Color Rush)
Armor by Location (M.D.C.):
  • Helmet: 60
  • Arms: 50 each
  • Legs: 60 each
  • Main Body: 140
Weight: 35 lbs.
Modifiers: -10% to physical abilities; mask infrared and Thermal Emissions, 25% chance to be seen on thermal systems; 1/2 damage from explosions, high impact falls, mega damage fire, mega damage heat, plasma, and projectile damage; normal (and magical) fires do 5% damage
Special: Giant-sized; two side pockets on each leg; N.00.b Special Effects Package LED lights emit patterened light displays, +1 Horror Factor/Awe Factor to the people and gods of Yayamama and +1 Lulz to everyone else when activated
Description: Panels are painted teal with a matte black lining, lights on helmet, shoulder, and belt are gold; described as a limited period design in order to convince clients with little discernible taste to purchase at normal price

Demon Bone Knives (2)
Damage: 3D6 M.D.
Weight: 5 lbs. each
Special: Double damage to animated dead,skeletons, mummies, and zombies; +1 to parry and disarm; +2 to strike when thrown
Description:Each knife is a hooked blade the size of a short sword made entirely of bone with loose straps of leather wrapped around the hilt

Magical Clubs with Rings of Sha Los (2)
Magical club (red).jpg
Damage: 6D6 M.D. as club; 1D6 x 10 M.D. as staff
Weight: 15 lbs. each; 30 lbs. as a staff
Special: Magical Clubs can be connected to form a staff
Description: Magical Clubs are 2' in length each are made from a hard mysterious alloy that has the look of red lacquer, at the base of each club is one of the Rings of Sha Los, and on the end of each club is a large knob made from a gold looking metal; connected at their base the clubs form a staff that is 10' in length with two sets of golden rings and longer golden knobs

NE-200 Plasma Cartridge Machine-Gun
Range: 2000'(610 m)
Rate of Fire/Damage: 1D4x10 M.D. for single shot; 2D6x10 M.D. for 10-shot burst
Payload: 200 shot belt; 40 shot magazine
Weight: 85 lbs. with belt; 70 lbs. with magazine
Description: A belt fed, heavier version of the NE-10 rifle, typically used as a tripod or vehicle-mounted weapon; there is also a power armor/cyborg version, used as an oversized rife (user must have a P.S. of 24 or greater)

NE-74GL Grenade Launcher
Range: 4000'(1220 m)
Rate of Fire: Short Burst, 8 rounds; Long Burst, 16 round
Damage: 3D6 M.D. for Fragmentation Grenade; 4D6 for High Yield Explosive Grenades
Payload:48 grenade drum
Weight: 30 lbs. with drum
Special: Short Burst with Fragmentation Grenades does normal damage to 50' radius; Long Burst with Fragmentation Grenades does +1d6 M.D. to 80' radius

V81 Volcano Mark-1
Range: 4000'(1220 m) for Concentrated Blast; 2000' (610 m) for Wide Blast
Damage: 1D6 x 10 M.D. for Concentrated Blast; 4D6 to any targets in 30' (9.1 m) area or 2D6 x 10 M.D. for 30' (9.1 m) length of wall or starship hall for Wide Blast
Payload: 8 shots with standard E-clip; 16 shots with long E-clip; 25 shots with engergy canister
Weight: 60 lbs. with standard E-clip; 65 lbs. with long E-clip; 70 lbs. with energy canister
Special: 'BBQ' setting generates equivalent heat of large campfire for 3 hours

Energy Canister (2): For V81 Volcano Mark-1
High Yield Explosive Micro-grenade Drum (1): 48 grenades each; for NE-74GL
Plasma Cartridge Belt (2): 200 rounds each; for NE-200
Shockstorm Landmine (2)
Range: 12' (1.5 m) radius (senses movement)
Rate of Fire: 2 attacks per melee round; mine can shock multiple targets at once and will keep shocking them as long as they remain in range; each electrical attack automatically hits
Damage 2D6 M.D. to all susceptible targets within 12' (3.6m) radius
Payload: One minute or 4 melee rounds
Special: May be recharged by a Techno-Wizard; it can take 30 M.D.C. before being destroyed
Description: The Shockstorm mine looks like a flat, silver disk about a half a foot (0.15 m) in diameter

Action sandals: 1 pair; footwear for any environment that still allows the feet to breath
Cargo pants: 2 pairs; khaki and made from a heavy durable fabric
Poncho: 1; made from a weather resistant olive fabric; heavy collar that can be pulled up like a hood or used as a scarf
Tank top: 2; white and made from cotton
Undergarments: Commando brand

Other items
Ball; made from an animal sac, approximately 12" diameter, 1 lb.
Claw hammer; bent, 1 lb.
Knapsack; small, light, but durable enough to handle floating in space
Reinforced tether cable, the kind used to keep someone from drifting away during a space walk; 80', 120 lbs.
Snake meat, uncooked and foul smelling; 2 lbs.
Spicy unidentified meat jerky; 1 lb.
Survival Commando Knife: 2D4 S.D.C.; can saw wood; 1 lb.

Gems: 15,000 UTC worth in small semi-precious stones
Gold coins: 8,000 pieces
Secure Universal Card: 1,254,069 © UTC (Updated 7/13/20 DSM)
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The Yayamama Pantheon

Post by Juan Echo »

The Yayamama star system was first colonized sometime over 20,000 years ago. The specifics have since been lost to the ages, but what is known is that the deities known as the Yayamama Pantheon first arrived to the region with a group of followers from some unknown location. The Yayamama claim to have been powerful Gods on their original home planet but were forced into exile due to unexplained circumstances. Yayamama deities and their worshipers alike will often reference this ancestral homeland in speech, but this seems to be little more than a superficial tic.

The Yayamama are decidedly uncurious about their past and actually consider ignorance on their history a point of pride. The name and location of their homeland has long been forgotten. The only time this history is discussed with any, albeit still very little, substance is to justify the constant conflict between the occupants between rival planets Yaya and Mama. This war has dominated Yayamama culture since the system was first colonized. The occupants of Yaya blame their exile on the occupants of Mama, and the occupants of Mama say that the occupants of Yaya dragged them away from their homeland. It is hard to know what the truth is, as no one in the Yayamama Pantheon is old enough to have been from that homeland.

War defines the Yayamama star system and conflict between the two planets is sporadic and often directly caused by disputes over to resources in the outer rim of the star system. Battles usually occur when two factions of deities and their attendant worshippers agree to meet at a preordained location, usually on a moon, asteroid, or even aboard large transport ships. Direct attacks on Yaya and Mama are unheard of. The goal of these battles is to capture the rival Gods, not kill them, so they may be taken prisoner and publicly executed, usually sawn in half. Raids on interstellar vessels are also frequent, even on non-Yayamama vessels that are just passing through the system.

The Yayamama has had little contact with people from other star systems. The star system is not particularly resource rich and thus not visited extensively by space explorers or miners. Several different species associated with the UWW, including more than one pantheon, have made contact with the Yayamama over the millennia. These encounters have led the UWW to conclude that contact with the Yayamama is best left at minimal. Thraxus himself is rumored to have said that he would never include a member of the Yayamama Pantheon in his schemes as long as he could help it. At the same time, the asteroid belt and outer rim planets provide enough resources to sustain the star system.

In more recent centuries the Yayamama have established regular relationships with several planets within the CCW. Members of the Yayamama Pantheon have used these ties to import space ships, weapons, and luxury items. In order to pay for these things, the deities do mercenary work, often as enforcers, smugglers, and thieves. As a result, the Yayamama have earned a reputation, among the few that know of them, as low rank backwater hoodlum deities.

The Yayamama star system consists of four planets and an asteroid belt surrounding a white dwarf. Two planets – Yaya and Mama – form a kind of binary planet system in which they are on opposite ends of the same orbital path. Just beyond the orbit of the two planets is an asteroid belt that contains small quantities of rare minerals. Outside the asteroid belt are the two gas giants – Awki and Urmi – that are rich in noble gases.

Yaya is one of two planets that is considered habitable within the Yayamama system. The planet is covered by large craggy mountain ranges. Each mountain range is dominated by one peak that is about halfway through the stratosphere (the equivalent of 16 miles (or 25 kilometers) above sea level). This peak is considered sacred and serves as the home of the deity that rules over the mountain range.

There are no large bodies of water on the planet. Rather, most surface water comes from either geysers or natural volcanic springs that form in the valleys within each mountain range. Settlements, often referred to parishes, on the planet Yaya form around these water sources and consist of no more than 5,000 mortals. Most parishes consist of far fewer people. All the parishes within a mountain range are devoted to the worship of the deity that lives on the tallest peak within the range.

Unlike its sibling planet, Mama is almost completely covered by water. The planetary ocean is dotted with a number of long archipelagos that consist of a series of volcanic islands, the majority of which are just large atolls. Most of the archipelagos around or near the planet's equator are occupied by mortals. Travel between archipelagos is limited.

Below each archipelago there is a large biodome on the ocean floor; this is where the deity that serves as the Patron Saint of the islands above resides. The biodomes are far more technologically advanced than anything found above water. Most biodomes are powered using geothermal energy and contain large and varied hydroponic gardens, and submarine ports. Even interplanetary rockets that launch from below the ocean.

Asteroid Belt
The asteroid belt separates Yaya and Mama from the gas giants Awki and Urmi. The asteroids contain valuable metals and rare minerals that are useful in the production of spaceships and other advanced technology that the Yayamama deities enjoy. Both planets have established one permanent outpost in the asteroid belt that serves as the staging point for mining operations. Occasionally disputes over mining rights on asteroids will escalate to interplanetary conflict.

Awki and Urmi
Like the asteroid belt, the two gas giants are mined for resources. Both the Yaya and the Mama send ships on expeditions to mine the planets of rare gasses. Occasionally these ships will engage each other eventually leading to interplanetary conflict.

The Yayamama are divided into three “races”: the Yaya, the Mama, and the Uqros. The Yaya and Mama are the deities that occupy their respective planets, while the Urqos is a catchall term for the mortals on both planets that worship the Yayamama Pantheon.

The Yaya and Mama come from the same species, a group of divine beings that are nearly twice the size of the average human being. They are often slender, with elongated facial features. The skin of Yayamama deities is hard and dense, often compare to polished stone. Skin color is ranges from light pink to dark purple and is somewhat translucent. Their eyes also appear to emit a low level glow, however the Yayamama do not have irises or pupils.

Difference between the Yaya and Mama are purely cosmetic. The Yaya average between 8 and 10 feet in height though some can reach a height of over 15 feet. Their skin tone is typically some shade of red ranging from pink to burgundy. The Mama, are noticeably shorter, averaging between 8 and 9 feet in height. Their skin varies from light orange to purple. While the Yaya often have long locks of black hair, the Mama can be born hairless.

Deities are born as a set of male and female twins. The twins share a strong link that binds them for life. When in close proximity two each other, twins will often speak and think in unison, forming something akin to a hivemind. When apart they can still vaguely sense each other, carrying a part of the each other’s psyche so that they are not alone. Marriage is usually between two sets of twins not individuals, although exceptions are common.

Yayamama deities go through at least two phases of maturation. During the first 200 years of life the deities develop their cognitive abilities and grow to their full size. After a millennium most deities begin to undergo what is called ‘second puberty’ when they develop their deific powers. It is unknown how long this second puberty lasts as most deities do not live to past the age of 3,000.

The Yayamama are the rare set of deities that do not oppose cybernetic augmentations; these are primarily cosmetic (such as metal horns or wings) so that the Yayamama may look ‘more divine’ to their worshipers. The repeated attempts to incorporate practical augmentations have always ended poorly. The Mama deity Mero Los, having lost his left eye in combat, thought he would fare better with a cybernetic eye with laser sight, which exploded to fatal effect when his actual eye regenerated.

Little is known about how the internal organs, if there are any, of a deity works. The skin of a Yayamama deity is so dense that scanners cannot detect anything beneath them. When a deity’s skin is pierced it starts to emit a concentrated amount of light and heat. A large enough cut will leave scars that look like burnt fissures. A severe enough cut will start to burn uncontrollably, consuming the deity from the inside out.

Despite being part of the same pantheon, the deities of the planets of Yaya and Mama should not be confused for one another. The two planets have been at war for many millennia, and developed two very different societies. Although the two groups insist that they have nothing in common, there are a number of curious parallels.

Society on the planet Yaya is both patrilineal and clan-like. These two principles have created a complex political system built on fragile alliances that lead to constant battles. Each mountain range is governed by a male deity, who rules from the top of the tallest peak of that range. This deity is the principle object of worship within a mountain range, and his sister will serve as a lesser deity and companion. Even after marriage the twins will spend more time together than with their respective spouses. Children stay with their father and his twin sister rather than their mother.

As part of his responsibilities, a deity oversees all the villages that dot the mountain range. Villages contain between 500 and 2,000 individuals. Most people living on Yaya are subsistence farmers. With some notable exceptions technology has not developed past the early Industrial Age. Urqos are dependent on the Gods for water pumps, geothermal generators, aircraft, and spacecraft. Without these technologies life on Yaya would be impossible. In this light the male deities are seen as Great Fathers.

As children, deities are raised to adore their father and aunt, however that changes when they reach maturity. Children adopt their own surname and form a clan, or yul, independent of their parents. These different clans will regularly engage in an inter-generational warfare that is used to resolve intraplanetary conflict and practice for the greater fight with the planet Mama. These conflicts are not lethal.

Yuls consist of several sets of twins that govern over different mountain ranges forming a loose confederation. Typically the oldest brother is the leader of his yul. In many cases the members of a yul will be adoptive siblings, forming larger and more powerful political factions. Yuls are highly factional and no one has ever been able to dominate the entire planet.

Communities on Mama are based around the archipelagos that dot the planetary ocean. Each archipelago is one large community spread across settlements on a number of islands. The largest archipelagos contain as many as 15,000 individuals, but most contain no more than 5,000. The populations of the archipelagos sustain themselves using a mixture limited agriculture and extensive exploitation of ocean resources. Settlements rely mostly on pre-industrial technology that is augmented by solar powered electric lights, water filters, and radios.

Where life on the planet Yaya is patrilineal, Mama is matrilineal. A female deity will rule over an archipelago as a Patron Saint. From a biodome located below the islands she provides for her worshippers on the surface. Her brother serves her agent, travelling from island to island and aiding communities with whatever they need. He will also spend a lot of time flirting with the Urqos.

Unlike on the planet Yaya, there is no clan structure on the planet Mama. Formal marriage is rare and only occurs for overt political reasons. More often female deities mate when they want to reproduce. Children are raised almost exclusively by their mothers. When deities reach the age of maturity they leave their mother’s biodome with a group of followers and colonize their own archipelago.

All female deities are considered equals, with the oldest considered the Great Mother. In the rare event that there is conflict between archipelagos, the Great Mother arbitrates disputes and her word is final.

Religion has a unique place within the Yayamama System; deities are not just treated as divine beings. This is because the Yayamama Pantheon plays an active role in the lives of its worshippers. For a decidedly unintellectual society, the Yayamama have a complex and nuanced concept of divinity.

On one hand, deities are treated like nobility. They directly govern over large populations and their every action can lead to the death of hundred and thousands or provide great fortune. In this sense, worshiping a Yayamama deity is a political act, in which one is affiliated with that deity. When a deities go to war, their worshipers follow them to battle. During hard times deities are expected to take care of their worshipers by literally providing resources.

One curious aspect of having Gods walking among mortals is that the Yayamama do not have a concept of the afterlife. The dead are simply dead, and in time their legacy will be forgotten. Philosophical discussions of the afterlife tend to trail off quickly without any resolution.

Instead of thinking much about the Great Beyond, so to speak, the Yayamama meditate on the temporality of existence. Even the Gods do not live forever. The greatest powers are the intangible forces that govern the Megaverse. These include physical laws such as gravity or entropy, and abstract ideas like herding or war.

As divine entities, the Yayamama deities serve as the avatars of these abstract ideas. Deities take on the role of avatar around the age of 1000 or at the onset of ‘second puberty. Deities spend their lives embodying a concept for their worshipers. For example, a God of War will encourage any and all armed conflicts that he may encounter, and aid in the compete destruction of the losing side, regardless of the faction. A God of Travelers would provide protection to all travelers that he may encounter.

Worshipers of the Yayamama Pantheon are referred to as Urqos, a term that is also applied to all mortals whether or not they worship or even know about the Yayamama. The deities do not recognize any difference between different mortal species. At best this is a casual indifference to mortal life, at worst it is a genuine inability to recognize different species. In the eyes of the Yayamama all are Urqos and therefore inferior.

The Yayamama language is unique in the Three Galaxies, and many non-native speakers have difficulty learning it. This may be due to the use of only four vowel sounds. In lieu of vowels the Yayamama language relies heavily on aspirated consonants. The language also employs clicks which gives native Yayamama a natural affinity for Trade 5 and vice versa. In structure, the language is similar to Trade 4, however with a very limited vocabulary of descriptors (adjectives, adverbs, etc.) and a number of agglutinated words.

Not surprisingly, the occupants of Yaya and Mama speak eponymous dialects. In theory the dialects should be mutually intelligible, differing only some minor pronunciation, a number slang terms, and the use of clicks. However, many on Yaya refuse to acknowledge that they understand when someone from Mama speaks and vice versa.

With over 15,000 deities (or roughly 7,500 sets of twins) there are too many deities in the Yayamama Pantheon to fully list. However the following is a description of some of the deities and their role within the larger pantheon:

Machin Aschen - Mama
The principle God of War on the planet of Mama and twin brother of Revel, Machin is responsible for leading the Gods of his planet into battle and oversees every execution of a captured Yaya God. He was betrothed to Joan Echo, though marriage plans fell apart almost immediately. He has a particular hatred of Juan Echo as a result.

Revel Aschen - Mama
The deceased twin sister of Machin and former Goddess of drunken celebration, Revel was captured in battle and executed by Juan Echo 1000 years ago.

Est Cel - Mama
Goddess of the Sunrise and twin sister of Wes

Wes Cel - Mama
Twin brother to Est, a God without any formal title and ambition beyond finding a single wave that can let him surf the circumference of the planet Yaya.

Joan Echo - Yaya
Goddess of the Hospitality and twin sister to Juan. While her brother is considered the caretaker of their mountain range, Joan is the one who actually tends to their worshippers needs while he is on his adventures. The planet-wide publication Twin Peaks has regularly awarded Joan the dual titles of ‘Yaya’s Favorite Sister’ and ‘Yaya’s Hottest Sitter’.

Juan Echo - Yaya
The Wandering God and twin brother to Joan, he is a restless adventurer that spends more time travelling the stars than on Yaya. He brings good fortune to fellow travelers and freelances as a mercenary to buy gifts for his people back home.

La Echo - Yaya
Twin sister of Lo and sister to Joan and Juan, she is largely considered a deeply unpleasant being.

Lo Echo - Yaya
God of Herders and twin sister to La, Lo is the eldest son of Lama Sol and head of the Echo Yul. He is largely considered a deeply unpleasant being.

Chaco Lon - Yaya
The Mountain Incarnate was once the largest member of the Yayamama Pantheon at a height of over 16 feet. He is best remembered for his casual cruelty and arrogance that led to his exile from the star system and mysterious death.

Ash Los - Mama
Twin brother of Sha (deceased), Ash was a fierce warrior who wielded two clubs he referred to as his 'Boom Sticks'. He kept a ring of his sister on the hilt of each of his respective clubs.

Mira Los - Mama
The Protector of Creatures that Crawl on the Ocean Floor, Mira is a broad-shouldered woman covered in heavy stone plates that resemble a crab’s shell. Her brother was Mero (deceased).

Sha Los - Mama
The Goddess of the Islands and the one deity on the planet Mama that never learned to swim, Sha eventually drowned in a lagoon. Twin brother of Ash.

Lama Sol - Yaya
The God of Fire and twin brother to Lana, with his wife Mina Zita he fathered five sets of twins that would form the Echo Yul. He is known for being a shrewd leader that can make many allies while personally alienating anyone he collaborates with.

Lana Sol - Yaya
Twin sister of Lama and widow to Mani Zita (deceased), Lana served as aunt/step-mother to the Echo children. She played a more important role in the Echo children’s development than their own mother.

Les Sol - Yaya
Twin brother to Sel and God of Cold Mists, adoptive brother to Lama and Lana

Sel Sol - Yaya
Twin sister to Les and adoptive sister to Lama and Lana

Desi Tello - Mama
A over 10,000 years old Desi is the oldest deity in the Yayamama Pantheon and the self-styled Supreme Mother of the planet Mama. she has a long body with stubby arms and legs, purple skin, a bald flat head and large mouth, giving her the resemblance of something like a crocodile. She is wise, cruel, and often described as ‘a real piece of work’ by even her most devoted children.

Mani Zita - Yaya
Formerly the God of the Horizon and twin brother to Mina, he was captured in battle by Machin Aschen and executed 900 years ago.

Mina Zita - Yaya
Twin sister to Mani and Goddess of the Horizon since her brother was executed. Husband to Lama Sol and mother of the Echo children
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Background: Jonny is a Roamer

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“Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth,” the Wanderer said to himself as he walked between the metal drums that lined the walkway of the festival, “I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can.”

He had read those words carved on the hull of a spaceship that he had travelled on almost one thousand years ago on what was then third expedition out of his native star system. He had enjoyed the trip as much as earlier trips up until the ship was destroyed in a battle with pirates. Weeks later, a salvage team found him clinging to a piece of the hull near death. It had been the second closest he had been to dying, but it had given his life meaning.

The drums glowed with charcoal that slowly roasted haunches of meat, which had come from the last animals in the menagerie, some sort of antelope. The Urqos had prepared it with a rub of black mint, acid fruit, chilis and vinegar that complemented the grassy taste of the meat. The Wanderer filled his plate with mashed roots and fried greens and went up to his sister’s perch above the plaza.

From there, the two of them could watch the feast below. They sat in silence, near identical large figures cross-legged. Their long hair was tossed over their right shoulder, the sister’s hair in a tight braid and the brother’s loose. They looked as if cut from stone, watching the Urqos enjoy their feast below; a few people picked at the last pieces of grilled meat, adults drank warm beer, and children played with balls made from animal sacs. It was an idyllic afternoon on the Chirpa plateau.

This was all in honor of the Wanderer. He was one of the most beloved of the Yaya, the Protector of Travelers, and the Avatar of Hospitality. He had blessed the Urqos with his presence for five glorious months, but now it was time for him to leave again. The words he had found on a piece of debris floating in space articulated his purpose better than throngs of worshipers below, and they had become a prayer he intoned to himself.

“You shouldn’t leave,” the sister said to the brother.

I’m not leaving. I am just going on another expedition

“I don’t care about what you call it. You’re out having fun when we need you here.”

You are a better caretaker of our people than I can ever be, beloved sister. I’m better off out traveling the stars.

“Lo-La are going to be pissed with you gone,” the sister said pointing to a sinister to peak to the north.

Lo is always pissed at me. And La will be happier when I get out of the star system.

“Jonny! At least take a proper spaceship this time! Take some Urqos to serve as your crew.”

You know I’m going to travel in my little life raft because-“Oh, who am I kidding; that’s boring. If you’re going to go on an adventure you have to make it a bit of a challenge. Just make sure to send us some more nice fatty animals for the menagerie. And no more cats, they taste like ass.”

The Wanderer rose up and embraced his sister, emitting a bright light, that shone like a second sun hovering over the late afternoon. Take my blessing, so it protects you wherever you go. And really don't send anymore cats.

"I love you too, sis." The Wander looked down on his worshipers and said "My people, it has been awesome fun being praised by you. Now, I must go and travel the starts so that every Urqos in the three galaxies knows how awesome we are. I will have lots of fun adventures, and I'll send you more animals to continue the party without me!"

The Urqos below cheered and continued to celebrate until there was no food left in the plaza, and the last sac ball had been deflated.

The following morning he started the lonely hike up the peak of the tallest mountain in Chripa, where the rocket had been set. On top of it was a small pod with minimal life support systems, a sophisticated comms array, and an FTL drive. The rocket would launch him outside of star system, and the pod had enough fuel to take him to his destination, wherever that would be. The ship didn’t have or need a navigation system, it just needed to roam.
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Character Guide to Juan Echo

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Background questions
1. Is the character verbose or stoic? Verbose, Juan Echo is a proud God of the Yayamama Pantheon, and he will dictate his thoughts on the Megaverse with the authority of, well, a God.
2. Is the character funny or dour? Juan is an absurd being that answers the question, what if Florida Man was God all along? And Jonny revels in being just that.
3. Is the character a follower or a leader? He's a God, and he will do as pleases. However, having done his fair share of mercenary work, Juan will defer authority when it makes sense.
4. How does the character react when under pressure? That would depend on the situation. Gods are larger than life creatures with out-sized emotions. So when Juan panics, he goes berserk, and when he is calm he radiates cool... a distinctly Florida Man cool.
5. Does the character volunteer for tasks? Always.
6. Is the character friendly? To the character's team, to strangers? Juan Echo is the God of Travelers, and as such is generous and compassionate to anyone he encounters in his adventures around the Three Galaxies.
7. Does the character offer mercy? By their very nature, Gods are capricious. Juan is capable of mercy, but he's also capable of great cruelty. And sometimes he may confuse one for the other...
8. Is the character curious and/or adventurous? Both of those things are requisite to being the God of Travelers.
9. Is the character prejudiced about anything? Is it prejudiced to be divine, and therefore, inherently better than everyone around you? Also, merpeople.
10. How does the character react to aliens? Juan loves meeting Urqos, a term used to describe all mortals. He finds them fascinating and amusing.
11. How does the character react when the character is the victim of prejudice? Like all deities, Juan is extremely arrogant. If he felt slighted in any way, he would consider that to be an unforgivable sin worthy of the wrath of a God. But he's also very oblivious, and may just waive away the trivial behavior of Urqos.
12. What is the character's passion? A better question is what isn't Jonny passionate about? He's a hedonist, and a boozer, and an epicurean, and a lothario, and a brawler, and just a consummate adventurer. Juan lives to travel the Three Galaxies as the Wandering God and encounter its many wonders.

Short Term Goals
  • Goal 1: Ween Juan Echo off of the Term Urqos
    Resolution: The constant use of the term Urqos is useful in demonstrating the hierarchical structure of Yayamama society, and Juan's place within it, but it's also unwieldy outside of his home star system. Juan should learn how to communicate without reinforcing Yayamama social structures by learning to not use the term as a title before everyone's names. He would still use it as a catchall for mortals, but a first useful step would be finding a way to get him to stop using it with teammates names. This will be a process that teaches him a bit more self-awareness (something he still hasn't mastered after nearly 1800 years).

    Goal 2: Space Whales
    Resolution: As fun as it is to wax about space whales, the joke can't hold up forever. At some point Juan needs to learn what robots are. Or at the very least be less obviously dumb about it. (Juan's attitude towards robots goes in hand with the concept of Urqos, in that anything sentient that isn't a deity is Urqos.)The biggest sign of growth would be accepting that the space ship's computer is not a space whale. But that lesson would trickle down to dealing with other robots and AI systems. Also, it would be awesome if he did see a space whale.

    Goal 3: Blow Worm Blows Up
    Resolution: Juan bought the blow worm with the idea of using it in some ludicrous and destructive plan. The best idea I've had is to stuff it full of K-hex wired to a dead-man's switch and turn it loose on our enemies. When they slay it, the worm detonates and takes out whoever is trapped with it. I'm open to other uses of the worm, but ludicrous and destructive are the watch words. (Low priority)
Mid Term Goals
  • Goal 1: The Cult of the Wandering God
    Resolution: Like all his family, Juan Echo has thousands of worshipers on his home planet that pray for his return (and that he sends them exotic animals to raise on the grassy plains of the Chirpa Plateau). And given that he's traveled around the Three Galaxies for nearly one thousand years, one would expect that there are more than a few people beyond the Yayamama System who pray to the Wandering God. Keep in mind, these are people that pray to Juan Echo, of all gods from all the pantheons in the Megaverse. They are stray oddballs with dubious backgrounds at best, they are not NPC's to be used as endless resources. We'd be better of trusting the blow worm than Juan's worshipers. Plus, some will be jilted by Juan's reckless actions and may have come to resent their God.

    Goal 2: Pantheons of the Megaverse
    Resolution: Juan has had numerous interactions with other gods from other pantheons, and he should have some reputation. Most likely most gods would know Juan from a bacchanalia of some sorts. (Ideally, Bacchus (Dionysius' Roman knockoff, not the Greek one) would treat Juan as good drinking buddy) This could serve as a resource or obstacle depending on the pantheon and situation.
Long Term Goals
  • Goal 1: Gods of War
    Resolution: The Yayamama Pantheon is locked in a never-ending war, waged between the respective deities of the planets Yaya and Mama. Machin Aschen, the God of War on the planet Mama, considers Juan Echo his mortal enemy (in part because Juan executed his sister Revel, and foiled his marriage to Joan Echo, and may have drank all the wine from his locked cellars). He wouldn't believe reports that Juan was killed on Cormal, and given a pretense, he would wage a destructive campaign to make sure that the Wanderer doesn't make it home.

    Goal 2: Get a Rune Item
    Resolution: Getting rune items (of any kind) would be nice but a low priority goal. Ideally Juan's items should be thematically appropriate - it would be a paired set (for example, two clubs, a sword and a shield, an axe and knife, a pair of gauntlets, etc.), and the independent personalities for the rune weapons come from a set of twins. Juan should also earn his weapons by demonstrating some character growth. He should do right by one or more of his followers, or aid another pantheon in some way. Juan should also complete probably several short term goals that also demonstrate that growth.
Wish List
  • Item 1: Trensik Rail Gun with backpack ammo drum and belt (Dimension Book 14 - Thundercloud Galaxy, page 114)
    Item 2: NE-700 Vulcan Plasma Cartridge Mini-Gun with ammo drum (Dimension Book 8 - Naruni Wave 2, page 34)
    Item 3: Heavy Draygon Hide armor (Dimension Book 6 - Three Galaxies, page 115)
    Item 4: Phase Swords (Dimension Book 2 - Phase World, page 124)
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EP Purchases from September

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M.A. Boost

Boxing bonus to M.D.C.

Level 7
M.D.C. 1d4*10: [4]*10 = 40
I.S.P. 1d6: [6] = 6
Status: Juan Echo
M.D.C.: 300/300
P.P.E.: 50/50
I.S.P.: 76/76

May the rest of the Yayamama Pantheon have mercy on our SOULS!
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